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Breaking Into The Business – How To Find Property Management Jobs

Property management is a field with a lot of opportunity. A competent management professional is a valuable asset to any landlord or real estate team, as you will be handling a lot of issues that they would have to worry about otherwise. The benefits of a good property management professional cannot be overstated. Even so, like any business, it will take a lot of time and effort to expand your...

You Should Be Using Youtube To Promote Your Business

Of course you know by now that putting pictures in your rental listings is key. However, many landlords and property managers have started using Youtube. Imagine for just a second you are planning a move. Now, you want to save as much time as possible. First, photos and the listing will help you to determine if you’ll take the next step. However, more detailed, and much more effective at helping...

Property Management Marketing

We’ve talked a little bit about how to list your properties, and there are a few things that you can do to make things even better. One such thing is to create a map that highlights local attractions. If you look at most rental listings, people have no problem with pointing out the close proximity of their properties to different shopping, schools, restaurants and other things that would appeal...

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