When Will Millennials Invest in Real Estate? Part One

Over the past few years there has been a lot of buzz over the spending habits of Generation Y, commonly referred to as Millennials. American marketeers are baffled by the low levels of spending among this cohort, particularly when it comes to their reluctance to purchase homes. Americans aged 18-33 prefer to rent, with a mere 13% of Millennials owning property. The reasons for the shift toward...

Taking Care of the Rental Move In Process

Every rental property manager has encountered the problem of tenants leaving your property in what you would consider less than ideal shape. A good way to avoid this issue would be to create a checklist for your residents to know what condition the rental should be left in after their departure. When Tenants Move Out If your tenants never complete a move-in inspection sheet then you lose out on...

Are You Considering A Month to Month Lease?

If you’re looking for a more flexible option in renting, you might consider month to month leasing. This option in rental agreements tends to offer a greater freedom when it comes to being able to move without penalty. A month to month lease is having a lease that you renew every 30 days. With a typical lease agreement, you are locked in to a 12-18 month rental agreement. These leases will also...

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