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How Adjusted Mortgage Underwriting Standards Circulate Money and Kick Start the Economy

Money talks, and when it does, we listen. So we’ve all, undoubtedly, heard the sound of circulating cash. As the dollar moves between buyer and seller, an anticipatory “Cha…” sets the buck in motion, while a conclusive “…Ching” finalizes the exchange. “Cha-Ching!” – the chime of money in motion and growing prosperity. However, once the drowning noise of collection agencies disrupt the harmonious...

The Mortgage Finance Act of 2011, Counterproductive to Housing Reform

Mortgage Finance Act of 2011 – legislation submitted by Sen. Johnny Isakson with little chance of passing congressional scrutiny; the act is, unfortunately, an example of political showmanship, appealing to public opinion on a critical policy issue. Furthermore, the Act clutters the congressional to-do list, regarding housing reform.
Make waves and the voters will take notice?