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Getting Help With 2015 Taxes

It really does feel like it was just a couple of months ago I was writing about how to best prepare for the 2014 tax season: and here we are, it’s time for the 2015 tax season! Time flies. Now, you may be considering hiring a tax professional to help you this year, and that’s a smart thing. First, you can try talking with friends or other professional associates who can recommend someone, but you...

1099 For Property Managers

Earlier, we talked about landlords and tax time, but did you know that there are sometimes special tax issues and situations for property managers? It’s that time of year again- end of the fiscal year and if you’ve been paying people to do yard work or take care of other things around the properties, odds are, you need to send out Form 1099.Though we, or anyone else is unable to give you tax or...

Tax Time For Landlords

You wouldn’t pay more than you had to on your every day expenses on your rental property, so why are you doing it with your taxes? Each and every year, many landlords do just that. Rental real estate has a host of tax benefits, far more than many other investments. Still yet, many landlords and property owners are paying much more on their rental income tax than they really should be. There are a...

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