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5 Things To Check Before You Sign a Lease

Of course, you apartment search is a lot easier now with sites like Trulia and Zillow lining things up for ease of searching. There’s only one thing that these services cannot do for you: it can’t go to the apartment or the house and check it out for you. There are also aspects of the place that most property managers just aren’t going to put in the listing, but you might not think to check. Here...

Tenant Screening Tips

There’s an old rule of thumb out there when dealing with landlord-tenant interactions. That rule is the 80/20 rule and many of you out there are reading this nodding. You know what this means: it means that only about 20% of your tenants will give you about 80% of the hassles. Everyone else is awesome, but there’s always that small group that can really make everything a pain.

U.S. Government Axes the Use of Paper Checks… Follow the Lead, Property Managers

In a statement released May, 2011 by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Rosie Rios, Treasurer, formally ended the use of paper checks for Social Security and federal benefit payments. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS! The simple change keeps $120,000,000 in taxpayer pockets, saving “more than 1 billion [taxpayer dollars]” over the next ten years. The electronic payment solution implemented by...

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