Allowing service animals into a unit is a common accommodation for tenants with disabilities.

The best property managers know how to provide exemplary service to all tenants, regardless of special circumstances. With senior housing on the rise, and an aging Baby Boomer population turning to rentals, property managers should be well-versed in the laws regarding housing for people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became the law […]

Fights between neighbors can leave your more than grumpy.

Last time I lived in an apartment complex, my landlord asked me to do something weird. He called out of the blue and said “Hey I know this is kind of a weird request but I’ve had some noise complaints about your unit and I think this is the best way to handle it.” My […]

Cramming a rental ad into 50 words or less is a thing of the past.

Do you have questions about rental investing? Check out this post for some common questions a real estate investor who is interested in rental properties would be interested in exploring before diving into this article. It’s easier than ever to post rental listings online. But writing an effective rental ad is harder than you think. I’m currently in […]

Interpersonal communication is the cornerstone of good management

As a property manager, you work as a mediator between property owners and tenants, and need highly developed interpersonal skills to represent each party’s interests as well as your own. The ability to communicate clearly, to assert your needs and desires, and to say “No” with confidence, are hallmarks of a successful business leader. Mastering effective interpersonal […]


There are a handful of reasons why you might consider selling a tenant occupied home. When the housing market was a bit sluggish, there were a high number of people who decided to become landlords rather than deal with the headache. In doing so, they probably found that it wasn’t as easy as getting someone to sign a lease and handing over the keys. This also begs the question: how do you sell a home that has someone living in it? If you take a look at the forums over at Zillow, this isn’t just a question, it’s the common question.

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Property managers can help veterans.

fva_placardYou probably realize that our veterans face a lot of challenges when they retire from the line of duty. What you might not realize is, that as a property manager or landlord, you can help ease some of those challenges, particularly, respective of housing.

In September of 2012, The Department of Veterans Affairs first initiated their program called Supportive Services for Veteran Families, or SSVF. This program is specifically to help stabilize the housing of low income or homeless veterans and there are many agencies nationwide that participate.

In its inaugural run, the program received a full year of funding for 85 nonprofit organizations across the nation. This helped many veterans and their families to not only find employment, but also, to find stable homes. Though this program is rightfully geared towards helping our veterans, it does offer a number of benefits for property managers and landlords, as well.

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Hot on the heels of our last update is another one.  This time we have added some exciting improvements to the tenant profiles.  You’ll now have access to the latest feed items recorded for a tenant and a ledger style transaction history report.  When generating your management fees, we’ve improved the workflow.  Now you can […]

In the wake of the 2008 Financial/Housing Crisis, the real estate industry was dealt a series of direct blows (as could be expected), and indirect effects continue to exacerbate the pummeling; at ground zero the dust has not settled, but what can be deciphered is a re-assignment of equity and the subsequent paradigm shift within […]

Stop worrying about whether your security deposit will be returned at lease end. No need to feel powerless, subject to the whim of king landlord. Here are some great tips and pieces of knowledge to help YOU take control, and take back what is rightfully yours.

If you are unsure of whether you are responsible for the slight damages -You’re Probably Not! Here’s one that might surprise you: you are not responsible for repairing worn, reasonably dirty or slightly spotted carpet. Also, not responsible for dents in wall from where the doorknob might bump into the wall. More on that too – this link will guide you on what you are responsible for as a tenant:

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It seems tenant farming’s primordial residue has stained modern day renting with a peculiar interpersonal and professional environment, considering landlords stand mightily above ye obsequious tenants. Even more interesting, few seem to recognize the relationship is, well, backwards. Wonder what I’m talkin’ ’bout? Typically, tenants commission other individuals or companies to provide a rental service (housing), yet tenants yield to the demands of the person or company that is paid to serve. In other words, the “servant” out ranks the employer. Usually, contracted service providers submit to the will of the man with the moolah, yet rental relationships have inverted from the professional, capitalist norm, allowing king landlord to act as s/he pleases, regardless of how those actions affect the tenant. Enough hyperbole; what’s the rest of the story, and how can power be balanced?

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Traveling through the world of rent, we at RentPost have acquired a deep understanding of the renters market from many different perspectives, including investment, interpersonal, professional, and even historical thanks to The Witt. Through our plight, we have uncovered a commonality, affecting all perspectives – communication. It marks the fine line that divides rent’s interpersonal and professional interaction, and the manner in which it exists (or doesn’t!) truly impacts tenant-landlord dealings from the ground up. No matter how its sliced, communication is the word, so… let’s talk!

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Okay – it’s time for a look our country’s current political and economic environment, anticipating how they are going to affect YOU as a landlord, tenant, or homeowner in the very near future. It’s a shaky situation that was touched briefly on previously with an article regarding the way Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac operate to facilitate home purchases in this country. However, legislation may be underway that could significantly alter the way Fannie and Freddie conduct business and the way mortgages are issued to individuals. There are three proposed courses of action – I will review each of them with you, and enlighten you on how they will likely effect the real estate market and, more specifically, the renters market.

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Be you a seller, landlord, manager, tenant, or investor, it’s a looming thought: “when will the real estate market pick up? Though your reasons to pursue the answer may differ, it is, regardless, a common theme. So, our aim today is to help you grasp the fundamental economics behind the United States real estate market, while displaying the importance of the information to you.

Firstly, let me emphasize that our current economic situation is atypical to anything that most of us have lived through, so it is important to look outside the realm of stock prices when gauging what will happen to the real estate market. Next, it’s important for you to understand real estate’s place in the economy in order to form your future life or business strategies. Let’s get started.

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At RentPost we try to provide you with the entire spectrum of data when it comes to leasing and renting and making better decisions. We even offer some good do’s, don’ts and general points of reference when it comes to landlord-tenant interactions. However, no explanation, no matter how involved, of the science of renting could ever really be complete without paying a little attention to its history. By learning about the history of renting, it becomes a little easier to see how it, as a business, has evolved to the point it’s at now. By putting leasing and renting in a historical context, we can all make better business decisions today.

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