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Breaking Into The Business – How To Find Property Management Jobs

Property management is a field with a lot of opportunity. A competent management professional is a valuable asset to any landlord or real estate team, as you will be handling a lot of issues that they would have to worry about otherwise. The benefits of a good property management professional cannot be overstated. Even so, like any business, it will take a lot of time and effort to expand your...

Love Thy Neighbor: Why you need an online community for residents

I live in a funky old house subdivided into six apartment units and I’ve lived there for almost three years. I live in a college town, so the other units see a lot of turnover and every time I see a moving truck in the driveway, I sniff around outside waiting to meet my new neighbor. Many of these people are unaccustomed to an easy display of neighborly kindness, and look horrified from the...

Four More Property Promotion Tips

From Craigslist to Youtube, property managers now have more ways than ever to promote their vacancies. If you’ve been wondering how to better get the word out, or maybe just looking for some new ways to promote- odds are you’ve got all the free tools you need. Here are four more great tips for getting those units rented:

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