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Customize your Maintenance Workflow for Your Company

It’s update time folks and we have some really exciting updates for you.  We’ve overhauled our work order backend to support custom work order workflows, work order assignments to vendors and colleagues, custom questions for adding a work order, assignable to just tenants or everyone and much more!  We also have some exciting add-ons we’re working to release along side this new...

Tenant Talk Back: Testimonials of Renting Experiences

Today the Witt leaves rent’s history for a spell, and the Rent Lobster makes a dash from advice to bring a more interactive piece regarding real life experiences to assist both tenants and landlords. Naturally, tenants only speak of landlords when angered, seldom giving any praise. However, this is to be constructive on both ends as we all seek to improve in the ever growing world of rent...

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