Landlord Responsibilities to Tenants with Disabilities

The best property managers know how to provide exemplary service to all tenants, regardless of special circumstances. With senior housing on the rise, and an aging Baby Boomer population turning to rentals, property managers should be well-versed in the laws regarding housing for people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became the law of the land in 1990. The ADA is an extensive piece of legislation the “prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public”. Housing policies are covered under the ADA, so attentive landlords should be aware of their legal responsibilities towards tenants with disabilities.

Who is considered disabled?

Under the ADA, landlords are prohibited from inquiring about the exact nature of a person’s disability even if the disability is highly visible, for example if the prospective tenant uses a wheelchair. However the ADA addresses what is legally considered a disability in clear, concise language. To be covered under the ADA, “a person must have a physical or mental disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities”. A partial list of protected disabilities include:

  • Mobility impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Visual impairments
  • Chronic alcoholism (if it is being addressed through a recovery program)
  • Mental illness
  • HIV, AIDS, and AIDS-Related Complex
  • Mental retardation
Structural modifications are often required to make a dwelling functional for a person with a disability.
Structural modifications are often required to make a dwelling functional for a person with a disability.

Can I ask for proof of a disability?

Landlords may not inquire about the nature of or ask for proof of disability during the rental application process. However, if the tenant makes a request for accommodation after the lease is signed, the landlord may ask for proof that the request will make the unit more functional for the tenant.

What are reasonable accommodations?

The ADA requires that landlords make “reasonable accommodations” for renters with disabilities. A reasonable accommodation is a change in rules, policies, or services that enable a person with a disability the equal opportunity to use and enjoy their home and any common spaces. A housing provider is required by law to accommodate a person with a disability, as long as the request doesn’t create an undue financial burden. Common accommodations include installing access ramps, providing a reserved parking spot at the front of a building, or allowing service animals in a unit where pets are not usually welcome.

What is a reasonable modification?

A reasonable modification is a structural modification to a unit or public spaces that is made to allow persons with disabilities the full enjoyment of the housing and related facilities. Modifications require prior approval from the landlord, and must be constructed by a licensed contractor. Common modifications include widening doorways, installing a grab bar in a bathroom, or installing a ramp into a threshold. It is reasonable and legal to ask that a unit be restored to original condition after the tenant leaves.


Who pays for accommodations and modifications?

Landlords are responsible for paying for accommodations, though many common ones are free or low cost (providing larger print documents, designated a parking spot). Tenants are usually responsible for paying for structural modifications, unless the dwelling is listed as a federally assisted housing structure.

Where can I learn more about providing housing to people with disabilities?

For more information about landlord responsibilities when renting to tenants with disabilities, please see the US Department of Housing and Urban Development website.


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  • That’s a great idea, I inspire from here. It will be helpful for responsibilities tenants. It has been something new ideas. You should add more info like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing. I did not realize chronic alcoholism is considered to be a disability. I also have a very miled case of Cerebral Palsy, and having handles to hold on to in the shower has definitely makes things a lot easier.

  • Is there a form that we have to provide when requesting proof for the more functional accommodation? Can we directly fax it to the doctors office or provide it to the resident themselves?

  • I would love to have rails installed at the step coming into thevapartthe complex. I have fallen several times. They are saying because I am the only one requesting rails to be installed they want be to pay for them it’s not inly for me but 3 others that live in the building could use the rails for support. Help.

  • I am disabled from a cracked spine with nerve damage. We recently mmoved and are renting and the toilet is too low to the floor. My portable toilet will not fit. We have moved my portable into the bedroom not being used. What are my rights as a tenant?

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  • I have a neighbor with disabilities here in Tampa, Cavalier Estate and I’ve heard the owner has a concern with my neighbor, and as long as I can see their house is good for him, it doesn’t have a stair for him to climb and it has a house ramp for his wheelchair.

  • You’ve written that landlords are financially responsible for accommodations while tenants are financially responsible for modifications, yet you’ve included ramps under both categories. Which is it? Does my landlord cover the cost of my ramp or do I?

  • I would like to know I am disabled and one of the problems I have is I get Daily Migraine Headaches, well I live in an apartment and for over a year everything was fine, then they moved 2 young kids above me who RUN so hard and jump so much that it rattles and shakes inside my apartment, I have had things come off my shelves and when they run in the kitchen it shakes the metal Oven hood so it makes a loud noise, all of which hurts me more, so I have to take more medication then I should and more, I have contacted the people above me 4 times and the office 6 times yet it seems they either do not tell them to stop or they do and they do not. Last time the office manager told me “Well you do live in a family complex so there will be noise.” I said there is a difference, if I open the door and hear kids I can not complain about,…BUT if those same kids keep throwing a ball at my front door THEN I can complain. Is there any advise I can use to help me, since I am disabled I can not afford to more, I just want the noise to get less or even stop.

  • I live in Clovis Calif. I suffered a c4 fracture 3yrs ago. my disability was evident too all as I signed my lease was for a 3rd story ‘unit ‘, aquired in a take my lease. I had no idea of my ada rights. I didn’t want any accommodations made, except the rail on stairs was unmounted. I was pleased with the results.
    my 1st question about my rights to reasonable accommodations comes about 2yrs from the time I adopted my cat. after making many complaints about the neighbors unleashed dogs chasing my ESA cat. I was told that my cat was to be on a leash. prop. mgr replied equal housing. laws say no.
    I replied in email, as to my ada rights to reasonable accommodations ? NO.
    The more I research, the more I feel that my request to have the bed, I was renting for mgmt, removed as it was severely inappropriate for my injury,AND I was getting a new bed. I was definitely denied reasonable accommodations for returning bed and to have it written to my addendum.
    finally, I do have other disabilities. PTSD and epilepsy to be exact. I recieved a notice to perform or quit with “specific facts” in violation aggressive behavior on multiple occasions and list 1 specific breach of taking a picture of staff w/o permission. false, all of it. I am taking this as harrassment and assure you, whoever YOU are, that this hasn’t been the first time. goes all way to corporate.

  • Can a landlord kick a disabled woman still in need of healing and surgery be kicked out wiwi her veteran husband 2hos health is not good with no official notices

  • Is there anyone who responds to these questions? I to have a very low toilet and due to my illness needed to be a regular height and Elon gated. Is the landlord responsible for that? I also have a tub that is too high, approximately 6 inches higher than normal. Is it their responsibility to pay to have these two things changed? Can someone please direct me to where I can find the answer, because I don’t trust my management company. Thank you

  • I’m in a senior living home the elevators been out for three weeks I’m on the third floor there’s many handicapped that we can’t get down there and they keep saying they can’t find the part even the people with the dogs we can’t take him down

  • My aunt rents an apartment in Los Angeles California and not only have they revoked her parking space because she didn’t have a car when she CHANGED apartments, they refused to allow her a spot in the lot nor is there any sort of ADA parking in the lot, the managers of the building painted over them? She is disabled and been issued a placard for several years. I’ve recently learned she has had to walk three and four blocks from a parking space in an adjacent neighborhood with her cane taking almost 2 hours to get home because she is disabled! Is there anyway to force them to give her a parking spot ADA compliant until we can get her moved out of this dump?

  • For a reasonable accommodation of a walk in shower, who installs the sgower..a licenced professional or a maintenance man on the community sire?

  • My complex is brand new for 55 up. I’m disabled but they said they have enough parking spots for handicapped per city but they’re where you have to walk from one end all the way to other to get to elevator.
    I told them I was disabled before move in, that the toilet was too low, and is need a grab bar at tub…I’ve had to crawl out and I’ve fallen but to them they see able body because osteroarthitus and other disabilities are invisible. Now new mgr came in and refuses to provide a disabled parking space for me or others here. They said corporate said open parking. I like where I park in front of apt but any further I won’t make it to elevator or to my apt but they just put their hands up literally and said.. Sorry that’s how it is.
    If I push it they may try to evict me for asking for my rights as disabled person who also has bad carpal both hands.
    They take all housing programs to full pay and year waiting list.
    They don’t care..if say anything they get huffy. I’ve got nowhere else to go and no vehicle to live in.
    How do I handle all this BS?
    They also said no one talks to mgr.
    One minute they assigned parking then redid it and now open for all and disabled good luck getting in and out!!!
    I’m not only one upset…
    I know an attorney who’d love to handle this but that’s last resort.
    The disabled people want our spots. The few handicap spots are not enough and they’re too far for walking and for those with walkers plus they’re open for anyone to park.. Even visitors.

  • I live in Wisconsin and I live in a building where the property owner says he doesn’t have to make modifications to the building for physical disabilities. IE…. grab bars. Is that true?

  • Wow!!!!! Some of these issues sound like where I live!!! I’ve been in this complex for 8 years, but in my own apartment for almost 3 years now. There’s not enough space or time here, to write all the things that have happened to me.. it is a federally funded senior/handicap facility, managed by government, owned by—??????? I have had so many illegal things done to me, the most recent—–had 3 managers & 1 maintenance open my door & charged in on me, the CEO proceed to SCREAM at me & put me through the most horrible evil verbal attack I’ve ever had in my life!! I had never met this woman!! The others laughed, told lies & false accusations on me. This went on for about an hour & half——after the office had closed !! Having trouble getting legal help. The whole city, council, county council, lawyers & judges are all involved with owners & we can’t get help! When I was placed in this unit, I was told it was a handicap unit, & SOME of it is. Now they tell me it isn’t & if someone in a wheelchair comes along, I have to get out & let them have it!! They’ve tried to threaten me out, written up false warnings against me. I can’t afford to move!!! 😢 I can’t sleep, had to be put on medications, I’ve been harrassed, told that I will be watched all the time. Can anyone tell me please where I can get legal representation???? I’m not out to sue I just want them off of me & stopped from how people are being treated here. It’s not home, it’s almost a prison camp!!

  • I am renting a house. I requested the landlord to provide an 18″ toilet because I am disabled I have had 13 back and 2 neck surgeries and another surgery on my neck and back coming up next month and he said that I would have to pay for the toilet, it’s very hard for me to get up and down from this low toilet. Can he do this? He has not made improvements he promised and doesn’t follow up with anything I request.

  • What is a reasonable amount of time for the request to be answered? I asked for a handicap parking place 6 months ago to no avail. I keep getting excuses. Can I get out of my lease at this point?

  • I am disabled and have lived in the same apartments for over a year, I have asked to be able to move into a downstairs apartment because when I first moved in there wasn’t a downstairs apartment available and the manager is saying I can’t transfer but then said I can but for a fee of $300 . My deposit wasn’t even that much.

  • I live in an apartment complex that only contracts with dish network my job only contracts thru Cox cable my doctor stated in medical records that I need to work from home my apts don’t want to accommodate me what can I do

  • I live in Orlando at Park Central. I have lived here since 2015. I have Cerebral Palsy and use an electric wheelchair. There is no wheelchair accessible shower , just a tub,and it’s difficult to get to sinks. For the past year, I’ve tried to get a more accessible apartment. Doesn’t seem they have one… I tried to ask the PC community if there were any truly accessible apartments in the complex. Management denied to post the question; so it was never seen. The complex was built in 1994, shouldn’t I be able to shower or clean dishes? What can I do?

  • I have been asking if they could put in grab bars in the shower. They put them outside of the tub and now a bar that screws on the outside of tub which if I start to fall will not help because it is lower than I grab bar would be on the wall. When you start to fall you need to grab something that will help you stay on your feet not something lower that will just let you fall. Yes if we could take a bath it would help you to be able to pull yourself up but
    doesn’t help you from falling. Some apartments have grab bars because they were installed many yrs ago but now they say they cannot install them because of the tile. Funny how they could install them yrs ago. I fall already once and am leary of taking a shower now. I have had foot surgery on both feet, a knee replacement which did not help and back surgery for herniated disc. Falling did not help any of these. I struggled to get up which took me at least 20 minutes. Yes there is a string to pull but when you a naked you really don’t want someone to comin g in to help you up. I am not only worried about myself but for all the other elderly whom most of them are at least 10 yrs older than me and I know there is some in their 90 or close to it. If these people fall in tub they could really get hurt especially if they have fragile bones. Not only that if they fall hard enough and hit there head and can’t get to the pull string for help they could lay there for hours and maybe not even make it. When you reach a certain age your body is more fragile and you have many more health issues I always thought that when you are in a senior living apartment they would have safety bars in the bathroom. They have them but they are on the outside of bathroom on wall which does not help you when you are in the tub. Yes they help you get in and out but while you are in the tub they don’t help because your shower curtain is in the way. I have people who can put one in for me but I am told no we have to have our put them in and they say we can’t do it. Yet I know they can because my son in law does the same as they do. He is maintance at other apartment buildiings and does it all the time and yes they have tire and concrete he has to drill through. Plus most of my family builds and redo their own homes and know how to do it too.. But still they say no and yet their own won’t even try. They just keep putting things up that won’t help if you start to fall. Other than this I feel everything else is up to safety for the seniors but this issue needs to be taken care of in all senior living places and if they don’t know how to do it then why not let someone who does do it. Plus it would not cost them a cent because they would do it for nothing for me and I imagine other seniors have people who would do it for them. Plus we all know that if we ruin something we have to pay to have it fixed. Why am I writing this because I feel this is an issue Hud and all Rederal Housing and senior living should strongly look into before someone gets hurt bad or even killed from a fall and hitting their head where they can bleed to death.

  • If a tenant is disabled enough where the person struggle to go to the bank to pay there rent. Is a landlord obligated to provide autopay options or debit card pay options. That way the disabled can make there rental payment. In other words, to accommodate the disable person lack of mobility.

  • I have a handicap plackard. I have a bad back and cops. I asked the landlord last year to please change my parking spot closer to the building entrance. I’ve called and sent letters. No response. Eventually I was told my spot was only for my apartment and could not be changed. I have such a hard time. I even parked on the main rd for a short time. I was sideswiped by a hit and run. Who can I get help from?
    Maureen Neve

  • I am disabled and before I ever moved in asked if I could have the carpet replaced with hard flooring because I have a tendency to trip on carpet. The manager at the time said that they would replace the flooring with a doctors note at no charge. New management came and I asked that they change the flooring and they refused. The carpet is also riddled with bugs That the management is not taken care of because they insist I move the furniture and I am I’m capable to do so and have no help to get it done. I recently fell tripping on the carpet and injured my back and would like to know if the apartment management is responsible and how can I get them to get the box treated.

  • My landlord just informed me I have to pay for my ADA compliant toilet. I was under the impression The owners of the apartment building were to pay for it, am I wrong & Does this mean I get to take them with me when I leave?

  • I want to move to a downstairs apt due to my recent disability I cannot manage stairs any longer. Do I have to pay higher rent because the apt is larger? Or can it be lateral and stay the same due to the reason why I need to move? By the way I live in Calif.

  • Is the landlord responsible for installing a handrail for the 4 steps outside the front door to a disabled tenant?

  • I have a son with ptsd and on heavy medication and i have chronic 5th stage kidney disease. The lady has a non live in grand daughter who runs and stmops all the tine she visits

  • Thank you. I’ve been living at a residence with my uncle who is elderly disabled and i myself is disabled. Now we have ramp to walk to parking spot out back. For the past 3 years the very top of ramp exiting house become a 2-3″solid block of ice. No i have a spinal disability where im not supposed to carry something more than 5lbs and no excessive work. Like shoveling dragging heavy trash barrels on trash day. Since the very first snow we got this season and the snow from previous snow past weekend and one supposed to hit on Christmas Eve. And cause he let me stay here im forced to do all these things. I have fallen 2x so far this winter between both snow days. On this ramo cause at night you cannot see ice in dark wood if its black ice. And you don’t notice it until your already sliding and cant grab anything . i landed on my back at like 820p.m. give or take a minute or two. And body slid down ramp and tried stopping myself and tried to grab onto lower railing and knee slammed into support beam halfway down ramp and my left foot twisted under me. And instant pain. My left ft on the inner side by the big toe side is now swollen and bruising already and can’t bent my foot like your wriggling your toes. About a egg sized bruise on shin. And my back in my lumbar region in which hit ground first is where my main problems of my spinal deterioration, spinal stenosis, herniated discs. From L1-S1 is throbbing. Pulled myself in shower to let hot water hit my back area and am using heat pad and cbd pain relief cream. But if i move certain way pain shoots from neck to down my left leg. And my uncle says i cannot say anything cause will kick us out. Is that true if i seek a legal consultation?? And my uncle is threatening to throw me out again if i say something. Mind you my domestic violence therapist can tell you i live with my childhood abuser cause i had no where to go. Cause my anxiety and ptsd makes me unable to be in a crowded shelter. I’ve been on housing for dis abled for disabled buildings. For past 3yrs. When i was told id be in a disabled housing within a yr to a yr and half. We are going on 4 now. And my mother live w my dad in an elderly building. And she tole me she don’t understand why i can’t get in. I have my disability papers from social security. So im at point of wanting to give up. How long am i supposed to wait. There are 7 available units in my mothers building which would me an ideal place cause i can drive my mother to store when i go. Please tell me if i am wrong that i said the land lord needs to do something about that ramp. And he is telling me its my job to maintain the ramp. And from what i read if he has that ramp for my uncle’s disability and my walking disability that i have to use they call them Canadian crutches to stabilize myself. But im supposed to shovel and keep up with salting. After last storm i had to dig out. My car in waist deep snow. Cause the landlords workers made a foot wide path to shimmie through and threw all snow in front of all cars and scooter including my car. So i unfortunately had to get out to pick up my prescriptions i take daily for my back. Can they kick me out for saying i was seeking advice. I mean technically after 30 day aren’t I considered a tenant. Can landlord or my uncle tell me to just get out??

  • Hello I am a disabled person does partially blind and moving into her senior years I live in a building and I live alone now that my daughter has moved out now be that’s my situation do I have to move I need someone to call me 347-693-9292 I’ve been living here for so long and I’m afraid to lose my independence so I’m really emotionally distressed by this I’ll be waiting for your call thank you my name is Wanda

  • Pittsburgh Pa. I am only asking for a parking space in our garage since there is NO street parking. I can no longer walk the .5mile walk to public transportation up hill. Landlord refuses, but gives spaces to the new immigrant tenants moving in. I’ve been here 5 yrs. and this place is now 95% immigrants that the landlords cater to. The property manager blocks my emails, will not return my calls. The only rights I seem to have is send them a monthly check. I’m only asking for a parking place, not even a handicap space. I am a 65 yr old female veteran

  • Im disable i use a cane inside my apt but when i go outside i have to use a walker. As i can’t walk very far without my legs giving out. So i have to sit down alot to rest them. The manager at my complex is refusing to put a ramp in to my bldg. What can i do

  • My landlord remodel the entrances to my 8 unit multi-family building what did not make it handicapped-accessible I cannot maneuver the stuff and have fallen as recently as yesterday 19th of June 2021 I’m afraid to say anything because he has a very hot temper. What do I do and do I have the right to ask 1 entrance to be accessible

  • I am disabled, mobility issues, vision, slight brain issues. My landlord refuses to let me bring my motorized chair here. I am being like a hostage in my apartment and being unable to be independent. I want to leave it in yard behind home covered, they refuse to let me bring it. Who can I speak to or help me to get someone to speak to them about this. My doctors have written letters… they have told me they will not renew my lease either.

  • What about a Tenant who sole business is serving ADA clients and lease space in a Commercial Office and granted a seperate entrance & agree to limit the clients to their space which happen to offer private Bathrooms build to suit to accommodate them.
    Can the Tenant after claim full access after to the Building bathrooms & amenities for their clients or can Landlord deny them the right since they were accommodated under a mutual lease? Would that be defined as discrimination?

  • IAM living on hud property Ihave hip an knee problems the toilet is low an I have problems getting off it

  • I am disabled and rent a small apartment. The landlord was made aware of my disability before I moved in. The hot water heater broke and flooded the bedroom, bathroom and small section of carpet between bathroom and kitchen. Everything was taken out of bedroom that was stored in closet and on the spaces out of the way and put in the dining area and along the wall in dining area as well as 3 large boxes in front of stove in kitchen. This occurred Oct.1st. A restoration service was called in Oct 2nd. Took 8 days of fans running 24hrs a day to dry out carpet and walls. It is now Oct 21st and the job is still not done so I can’t put anything away! What can I do? I’ve tried talking to the restoration people as well as the landlady as to when can I expect the final repairs to the carpet and the furniture and my belongings put back in place. No response from either. I also sent a video of what I’ve been forced to endure.

  • High what should I do? Please need information. My nature of my mental disabilities includes suicidal ideation and I am also bi polar 1 , PTSD, and ten other trama Event based mental illnesses disabilities. So recently I asked for smoking accommodations cause new smoke policy 25 ft away from building I has dabilitating anxiety and panic attack dis orders and can be very hard some time to even breath when happens and PTSD flashbacks like crazy when stress lvls in life get too much for me my thoughts race 1000 mph and can bearly speak a letter with out studdering 100 x before I get a word out of a thousand pera phrases out of the jumble my mind won’t stop manufacturing in the forehead of my heads factory sweat shop so I smoke on my front porch or back paddieo and after 6 pm when I go to smoke to calm my nerves and try to keep my blood pressure below hypertension 2 ( with is almost at rest ) I can swear I can hear other tenants talkinging about my disabilities after I hear remarks of why don’t the manager do anything about him smoking and then I hear voices in conversation talking about my disabilities I’ve heard people ridicule and saying bad name about me cause I’m not a big socal butterfly and don’t make appearances much any 1 have any suggestions what can I do to or should do something to where I can know for sure and that it’s not just the anxiety that Im feeling when out my aprt. And also when my thoughts are racing my therapist and counselor and my peer support group recommended when I have to much in my head to understand a thought to speak what your saying out loud to yourself or if my interest in how does it feel to die bad side stuff thoughts start up to talk about a topic well known aloud to drown out my ears with positive words and it helps a lot to comprehend and stop the thought of self harm cause it’s science that the ear can register a sound faster then the brain can register a thought and as I’m outside I here tenates making fun of me saying stuff about my disability please can any one have any suggestions for me cause if it’s me then I need to let my therapist know might need to be evaluated for new disorder or if I am hearing is true and not me I need to know how I can take action or any legal help cause I only told property manager when asking for accommodations to smoke by my door and what should I do or not do please very concerned my mental health information may have been shared with tenants and what can I or should I do if property manager leaked my disabilities thank you someone who want this discriminated agents disabilities to be wiped of the map and for people to be more educated on mental illnesses and stigma to be finally just a thing of the past like asylum’s please email me thank you.

  • What if my landlady is my mother, charging me my entire SSI benefit amount for rent, threatens to evict me out of frustration over my mental disorder and my inability to maintain the house like any normal person, without a single month notice, without letting me keep any money so I could afford to move, we live in isolation, I can’t drive, I can’t leave on my own because of the isolation, I can’t afford to move out because she expects me to pay my last rent before if I were evicted and I never in all these years of collecting SSI have been allowed to keep any money I receive? And rather than taking me to court, she would set me up to live in a home with other disabled people; I refuse, but she says it’s not my choice for her to go to court, and the thought of living in a crowded home would scare me to commit suicide with my prescription medication if I can’t live in a normal place because nobody wants to help?

  • Hi Elizabeth I have a question for you. I was hurt on the property where I live at. What caused the accident was, there’s an 18″ wall 12′ long with a set of steps and there’s no railing to prevent people from going over the wall or steps. Unfortunately I suffered a series of injuries one of which I lost part of my leg and foot. Is landlord responsible for punitive damages

  • Hi my name is Tara hindelang I live in Ontario and I am Handicap and they will not fix buy my apt four me to get out of my apartment Easier I have fallen down the steps Multiple times and hurt myself really bad one day I am aFriend I am going to light on my head I cracked my head open can you please help me get my apartment complex to get this to be more handicap around my apartment unit

  • I recently became disabled and unable to work. When my rent was two weeks late he began the eviction process. I cannot walk,bend, pick up or carry nearly anything. The judge did put it off as long as possible but not enough time for me to secure help from the city. There are literally no shelters in my area that are not full. Even if there were room, this disability would make it difficult. With some medical procedures coming up I should be back to work shortly and able to pay everything back. My disability is extremely obvious. I also provided doctor’s notes stating that I absolutely could not physically move. Because I was not working I was unable to hire any moving help and was forced to leave most of my belongings behind. I had one hour to clear out my apartment as the landlord sat comfortably in his car watching me struggle. My pain level is now a 9-10 and I’m afraid that what he has done will prevent me from going back to work for an even longer time. I am staying with a generous stranger but his house is right out of an episode of “Hoarders”. I am afraid of getting sick from mold, mildew, dog feces (large dog goes indoors) and to make it worse, he comes into my room every night and puts his hands down my pants under the guise of rubbing my leg for relief. Of course I slap it away but I am in a precarious situation. He does not have to let me stay. While I was legally evicted, does the landlord have any responsibility to act rationally, decently?

  • I am an 80 year old veteran who have suffered from migraines for many years. I am sensitive to sun which brings on excruciating migraines. My landlord wants me to take my drapes down.

  • I became disabled after having lived in the apartment for almost two years. The apartment bathroom was nearly impossible for me to use. My doctor told me I needed to not live alone. When I asked to be released from the final two months of my contract because I could not house a caregiver in my one bedroom apartment, I was flatly denied. So I am stuck paying double rent. Do I have any recourse?

  • I live in an apartment in Vestavia Alabama. I am a 73 year old female and I am disable with multiple sclerosis. I walk with the assistance of a walker and a cane. I live on the third floor of Vestavia Reserve Luxury Apartments and my problem is, the elevator is out and they cannot tell us when they will be operating again. It has been out for 5 days. The elevators are frequently out and the last time it was out it was 3 weeks before they fixed it and the time before that a week and a half. This has me confined to my apartment because I cannot go up an down the stairs. I cannot even make my doctor appointments. I cannot go to the grocery store or get my mail. I have asked to be let out of my lease without penalties in order to find another apartment but they will not do this. They said they will only move me to the first floor. For security reasons, I do not want to live on the first floor. I was told by the manager, Casey Hawk and the corporate office that the elevator is an amenity and can go out at any time. I fear that because I cannot get out , I might become sick and cannot get to the doctor or hospital. Casey cannot tell us when the elevator will be fixed. As I stated the last time the elevator went out, it was out three weeks. Can you tell me if there is anything that can be done.

  • My, name is Ms. Linda Burton. I have been ran around the parking lot where I reside at Eastlake Woods. I have a handicap. It is not respected by the managers here at Eastlake Woods. I’ve been here for 2 yrs and every time I leave and come back home the handicap spot I parked in for 2 yrs is occupied by a new tenant. I complained to office manager in stead of accommodating me they wrote me up. And instead of fixing the problem they placed me far away from the entrance and let the new tenant have the spot I had since my 2 yrs being parked there. Manager name Chriss Jones assistant manager Jenn Johnson. Instead of fixing the problem they write me up for questioning their ability to do the right thing. Eastlake Woods is located at 4664 Eastlake Rd. Erie, Pa. 16511

  • Very good info. However….I am trying to find out: how long can management leave the only 2 elevators out of service?

  • I recently moved into my apartment in February I am disabled I’ve had 10 surgeries two of them being back surgeries and a bone disease. Unfortunately the apartment is upstairs and is very difficult so the landlord give me the spot outside next to my door to park. Recently he rented out the bottom half the people with a business and gave them my parking spot that he had given me and move me around To the other side of the building. This is very inconvenient for me which requires a longer walk and I have a 15 pound limit of weight to carry. The spot I was parking in does not have a handicap sign but it is for handicap people because there is a ramp right next to it. Is there anything that I can do about this.

  • If your on waiting list for disability complex and they call and have you an apartment ,can you get out of a lease your in at a regular apartment complex.

  • I am a senior citizen and now having physical problems with lifting and carrying things up the steps to second floor apartment and a renter moved out of a apartment on first floor in December and I was promised I could move down to first floor but now the Manger says he is not under any obligation to let me move to first floor it does not matter I’m 77 years old and I struggle to carry my groc and laundry up the steps and have stumble different times and I can no longer judge distance and have came close to fallen down the steps because I didn’t get a firm hold of the railing .
    Carrying my groc and laundry up the steps has cause me to limp now in my left hip .
    The lady and her friend who once lived on second floor apt. next to mine was allowed to move to first floor to apt G which is the apt they moved from in December and the apt. was promise to me but now the manger says he is not obligated to let me move to apt G on first floor and he is allowing the lady to leave her sofa and a few big items remain in the apt on first floor using the apt for a storage unit.

  • I have lived in a section 8 housing unit for 6 years . With my husband, a disabled vet, and my granddaughter who I have legal custody of. My husband passed away Aug 2, 2020. We have 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. He needed the extra bedroom due to the medical issues. Last year section 8 let me keep the apartment as I still qualified under section 8. This year there was a rent increase, and they are trying to make me move. We really need both bathrooms, as my granddaughter has physical and mental disabilities as do I. And I suffer from arthritis depression and physical require the bathroom that is close to my bedroom. Due to bowel and bladder and stomach issues . I require a lift for the toillet and shower chair. Is there anyway I can stay here. They do not have 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments. Does section 8 have to cover a rent increase?

  • Is a landlord required to provide acess of handraild to use going up a staircase in a rwntal home

  • What about the people, me, already living in the unit for four years where a mentally disabled person is allowed housing? A dangerous one at that who has totally disrupted the life of the person already living there, with noise all hours of the day and night, banging, cussing and beating on walls and doors, yelling through the floor and up the stairs. He kicked the door down once when he couldn’t get in because he forgot his key And when the person already living there complains about it they are basically told to deal with it, change apartments, or just get out of the complex altogether? No real attempts to alleviate the situation. No sympathy I’m just lied to constantly. No sympathy, I’m just told that they want me to be comfortable in my apartment. I feel like I lost my rights when this other person moved in and that they have all the rights.

  • Apartment has a handicapped painted space for parking. Been here over a month have only been able to park in it twice! The whole complex has parked there without handicapped sign age. Because of lack of parking. I have notified manager several times and sent pictures of cars. Nothing has been done! What can be done with this huge problem??

  • I live in a senior apartment in Centre County, PA. All apartments were built with doorbells. We have quite a few residents with hearing impairments. I have just been told by management that they are doing away with doorbells. They did not give me a reason why and I can’t think of why they would even want to do that. Shouldn’t they be required to keep them – especially for the hearing impaired.

  • What happens if landlord denies your request can make your apartment handicap accessible what can a tenant do the person is a disabled veteran who fell on the property he is living on and broke his hip and has become immobilized

  • We rent a home to husband and wife. The husband was in an auto accident and now in a wheelchair. All bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs. Are we legally required to make modifications to the home to accommodate the tenant?

  • What if a landlord is notified about a safety issue with water running off roof onto porch. In the winter causing porch to be serious danger issue. I’m on disability and to this day they never fixed issue. Even after the I slipped on the water and fell hitting head on concrete steps. Results staples to head, concussion and months later still going for vision therapy. Then the landlord said they will be here that weekend to put grab handles in shower and months later still haven’t. Find out after over year later I been paying everybody’s electric to garage. What can be done about this?

  • I received disability, live in income based housing /section 8. As a tenant I fear for my life which has been threatening by my landlord/ Maintenance issues, section 8 housing authorities. They have targeted me, refused to fix issues. I have been told by Orange county housing Authorities Section 8 department, when I made complaints about issues where Iive, Blakely who heads that department gave me 4 automatons, 1) was I could move out, that some had been out to my place and nothing was wrong with an on going for a year with maintenance problems, they have refused to fix toilet issues that had been going on since March of this year because maintenance didn’t know how to install equipment, who is a new maintenance guy, along with other issues for 3 or 4 months nothing my toilet is still not working. ALso this person put paint into my heating unit which caused me to go to the emergency room toxic films that came through my vent. They didn’t won’t to pay for the pan that went into my heater. Power surges burned out Electrical outlet and lights. The fire department have been out for about 6 times. Explain to me not to touch the box if something trip but to go out and call them and let them come our and deal with it. The maintenance guy came out for the 6th time for the toilet besides the water level I managed to get it working after it overflowed twice. Maintenance came out Friday with an work order the the 3rd and said he fixed it but on the 4th the handle came off and it all fail apart. Head maintenance man gave him a workorder for the Electrical panel box and I told him what the fire department told me not to mess with it. The maintenance man can’t fix a commode, and I ask him was he trained in the electric field and he has no training in that or any maintenance issues. So I can’t take a chance with something that could burn a building town. Especially after you have put my life in danger numerous times. And they overlook that you are disabled with medical situation’s. I am now having to get a restraining order and pay for my toilet to get fix. I have been trying to find another place. The heater, toilet was done on purpose. And I fear for my life and know that the head man over maintenance sent him and he had made rude comments to me over a year ago.

  • do i have any rights – if i am not on the lease – the lease is under my girlfriend an son name – but i am disable living with her for 20 yrs -i get – SSI – I am living with roaches

  • So my sister is disabled and my apartment brunt down it was a townhouse so the landlord gave me something smaller and upstairs my sister just wants to visit and be with my children is there a way to get the landlord to move me to a apartment on ground level I feel like she is discriminating my sister because she won’t move me

  • All of these laws are good and I always read about Disability s.
    BUT :: I have a 40 yr old son that is nonambulatory, never walked, seizures, more. And we ALWAYS get mistreated, especially in Rent controled Projects,
    At this moment , July 2022, My landlord has done us bad, and has meetings with 3 other Tenants about me. My neighbors of 3 years and we have had dinners, and their children have played with my grand kids .
    And since March, I called in a work order, by that Friday I had a DOUBLE INFRACTION.
    No lawyers to help, I know the law, but I am not able to do things due to my son’s 24 hr care.
    She is working on a Constructive eviction, Any clues on how to fix this?
    Meetings about me and NO ONE WILL SAY NOTHING . EVERYBODY STOPPED talking to us, and I can’t Imagine what this woman has said.
    Any ideas as what to do?

  • I am a disabled GA resident living on the 2nd floor in a 3 level independent senior housing apartment building with 1 elevator. Recently the elevator went out and management taped a hand written letter to the elevator door to advise it could be out of commission for 3 to 4 weeks. I use oxygen and a walker to get around therefore I need assistance to walk down the stairs in order to exit or enter the building. There are others who require wheelchairs, walkers, canes etc. management tells us (1) they are under no obligation to offer assistance and (2) their staff is not trained for such therefore they would not accept the liability. Is this right?

  • In the event repairs need to be made to sewer lines and water and sweet systems are turned off for 3-5 days, what are landlord responsibilities to senior/disabled tenants in Missouri?

  • My mother is renting a room and she has COPD and just has a hard time breathing. So her landlord doesn’t use the ac during the peak hours of the day. Especially with excessive heat warnings. Was just wondering what I could do. Because I’ve said something to the landlord plenty of times. They just say well it’s too expensive. I’m afraid she’s goin to catch pneumonia again. She lives in California. Is there any laws that require that as an accommodation? Please help

  • Can my daughter who owns the home with her husband refuse my caregiver access to my room to bring me food ect..???

  • Do I have to provide wheel chair accessibility 2 months after the tenant renting and agreeing to the statement where my rental is not wheel chair accessible in the facebook ad? She was walking fine for those 2 months though she had knee problems. I’m not section 8 or not associated with anyone such as real estate brokers. The rent is dirt cheap like $250 a month and that is because I do not owe a mortgage though I still have to pay property taxes. I only own this one rental.

  • I don’t know what to do another tenant has been harrasing me for 3 years. I’m disabled and told my landlord about the harrasment but my landlord won’t say anything to them. If I make a formal written complaint will the land lord have to do something

  • Does HUD have the right to require me to have my doctor provide info about my disabilities for proof of the need for a service/assistance animal?

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