Get ahead of the competition in the rental market by improving your selling skills. A little extra sales training can help beef up your lead-to-lease ratio, especially with the competition of so many housing options. Improve your sales, close more leases, and improve your rental income this year with these helpful tips.

Enlighten your Audience

Having a website with posted listings is a great idea, but what else are you offering them? Inform possible tenants of considering things such as transportation options and distances, as well advice for looking in your area before signing a lease anywhere. Giving them tools to help make a decision gives credibility and a trustworthy feeling and half of your selling is already done.

Make your Units Brighter

What would make a renter choose your building over another? Incorporate what qualities make your unit a better choice in your brochure, website, and sales pitch. Give a clear picture of what your apartment offers that others do not, use photos of high-quality to establish a nice picture of what your possible tenants could be calling their new home.

Engage Prospective Renters

Once renters have contacted you, don’t waste time going through unnecessary options. Engage them to find out exactly what they are looking for. Create a checklist or questionnaire to be sure of what would best suit their life and needs. This will also help add to your credibility and ensure you close quickly.

Be Direct About the Process

Being honest and upfront about signing a lease and the closing process will help build trust and guild possible leads all the way through the huge decision. Be clear about any other materials needed for the application and lease, any additional fees that will be charged from the start, as well as an expected time frame for an approval.

Connect with Possible Renters

An approachable and friendly landlord or property manager can make the biggest difference in whether a prospective renter will sign a lease. Build a relationship with them, engage in conversation and get to know them instead of just going through the process of application interviews and signing the lease.

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