Single-page Application
When moving from page to page within the application, the application doesn't have to go through an entire page refresh. AJAX technology allows us to pull in just the data we need in order to display your request. Ultimately, this results in a much more fluid and faster usability experience.
RentPost's entire application is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption key, ensuring that all of the data that you pass while using the software is safe and secure.
Online Rent Collection
The RentPost software is seamlessly integrated with an advanced, highly secure, online payment engine that allows your tenants to make online rental payments directly from their account. You get full notices and information on the status of payments, reporting, analytics, and accounting integration.
Tenant Screening
Everything you need to screen your prospective tenants. Start with a customized lease application, require a Tenant Screening report (credit, background and more), collect a lease application fee, and then finally have a customizable workflow to view all your applicantions, add notes, docs, assign to colleagues and much more!
Intelligent Filtering Technology
On pages where there are potentially thousands of records available, we employ our intelligent filtering technology. This allows you to input what for which you search and the page will instantly filter down to show results that just pertain to your filtered query. This is yet another huge time saver.
Universal Search
Available from any page in the app, universal search allows for you to access most any asset under your company by searching for what you know. Using an advanced search algorithm, we try to best determine the asset in question and provide quick access. This becomes a huge time saver!

Units & Tenants

Unified Unit/Tenant Relationship
We've addressed the displaying of units and tenants the way you are familiar, tenants existing inside of units. Just select a unit, and you can see all tenants within that unit. This keeps everything simple and in a very organized fashion.
Unit Photos & Maps
You can upload photos for your units to help you recognize and google maps are automatically generated for each unit so you can give out directions or refresh your memory if need be.
Unit Notes
Often times there are tiny bits of information that you need to log about a unit, what type of AC filters does this unit use, when was the roof last repaired, etc. The notes allow you to jot down quick information about a unit to retrieve and update as needed.
Multiple Tenants per Unit
The RentPost system supports multiple tenants per unit and multiple tenant leases per unit. This means you can have two tenants within one unit with different lease periods, rent, and much more. The flexibility is nearly endless!
Unit Groups
Groups allow you to organized your units however you best see fit. Commonly this would be complexes, neighborhoods, sections of a city, etc.
Prospective Tenants
Record prospective tenant inquiries for following up with at a later date.
Unit Flagging
With unit flagging you can flag units that you need to come back to for whatever reason. Flagging the units will cause them to be re-ordered using intelli-sort, showing up at the top of your unit list.
Unit Alerts
Units are alerted when tenants of a unit are late and show up under the specialty filters for showing past due units.
Quick Stats
View and act on quick stats about your units and tenants, allowing you to stay in tune with your rental operations.

Tenant Screening

Lease Applications
RentPost's Lease Applications offer a lot of flexibility. You're able to customize which fields show up on applications, include additional questions, require documents be submitted, require screening reports, collect lease application fees and much more!
Applicant Tracking
After an applicant has completed a Lease Application, you'll be able to track the progress of these applicants through a customizable workflow of statuses, including comments, document storage and many other great features.
Report Fee Flexibility
When requiring a Tenant Screening report of applicants, you have the option of paying for the reports yourself, or requiring the applicants pay. This can allow you to absorb the report costs and charge a flat Lease Application Fee as well.
Lease Application Fees
When a Lease Application is submitted by applicants, if you're setup for Payshift (payment processing) with RentPost, you can, optionally, require a Lease Application Fee be collected.
Credit Reports
Credit Reports can be required of applicants. RentPost uses Transunion as our credit reporting partner. All credit reports from Transunion will include a Resident Score (350-850) and other financial details.
Background Reports
With a Tenant Screening report, Background Reports can also be ordered. These reports will include all criminal, sex offender, OFAC and other records.

Work Orders

Work orders are organized according to our intelligent sorting algorithm putting the most important ones to handle at the top of the list. This is based on age of the work order, priority, and other factors.
Quick Stats
You have quick access to some basic stats about your work orders, helping you stay on top of things and gauge your company's turn around and response efforts.
Photo Attachments
Attach photos to your work orders to help communicate with tenants and clarify the issue.
Direct Replies
Reply inline on work orders to tenants as if it were a chat. Notifications will be dispatched to tenants and they can reply back. This method of communication will improve your work flow drastically and help resolve work order issues much quicker.


Assignable Tasks
Assign scheduled events to managers in your company, or take over other colleagues scheduled events.
Personal/Colleague Sorting
At the touch of a button, toggle between just your scheduled tasks and everyone in your company.
To-Do List
Your account comes with a personal to-do list, with quick and dirty on the fly recording and marking complete from the tasks or home tabs.


Contact Group Sorting
Sort all your contacts by groups allowing you to find the contact you need to for a specific job or task much more easily.
Multiple Contact Types
Label your contacts as owners, vendors, etc., allowing the system to interact with the various contacts as needed.
Automatic Location Sorting
On-the-fly location groups are created for your contacts to allow you to be able to target contacts within you the city in question.

Accounting Overall

Accounts Mgt
List and associate all your transactions with your checking accounts, savings account, credit cards, etc.
Chart of Accounts
Organize all of your general ledger accounts and keep your income and expenses organized properly.
Payshift Integration
The RentPost accounting system has seamless integration with our online rent collection and all payments are recorded and reported within the system.

Accounting - Income

Payments Pending
At a quick glance, see how the total amount of pending payments, or filter the list by the payment status to see the specific payments that are currently pending.
Interactive Updating
If you've made a mistaken recording a payment, or need to make adjustments, just visit your income log, select the transaction and choose to adjust and save adjustments. Any and all calculations are made for you on the fly.
Filter your income log to your specified requirements and export the results for importing into your favorite accounting software, excel, backup, or more.
Remove Transactions
For whatever reason, should you need to remove a transaction, you can do so and we'll reassess all the charges back to the account with all of their line items.
Returned Check Handling
It never fails, like life and death, tenants are going to end up writing a bad check from time to time, unless of course you use RentPost's Payshift payment processing. But, if not, after recording a check, from your income log, you can mark a payment as bad and assess a fee. The system will reassess the charges as due, optionally assess any late fees and notify the tenant of the actions taken.
Print Income Log
Should you need to print off your income log for any reason, no problem. All you need to do is filter down to the transactions you need and hit the print icon.

Accounting - Expenses

Granular Expense Recording
Record expenses to units, owners, or groups. This allows you to keep your books accurate, and your reporting as well, providing you with deeper insight into your businesses operations and helping you to determine where money is being spent.
Interactive Updating
If you've made a mistaken recording an expense, or need to make adjustments, just visit your expense log, select the transaction and choose to edit and save adjustments. Any and all calculations are made for you on the fly.
Filter your expense log to your specified requirements and export the results for importing into your favorite accounting software, excel, backup, or more.
Remove Transactions
For whatever reason, should you need to remove a transaction, you can do so by selecting the transaction and hitting the remove icon.
Print Expense Log
Should you need to print off your income log for any reason, no problem. All you need to do is filter down to the transactions you need and hit the print icon.

Document Storage System

Granular Associations
Documents can be associated with pretty much any entity within RentPost. Attach documents to the associated person, unit, work order, etc. and quickly retrieve them with contextual icons for each association.
Usage Meter
On all context windows, as well as your overview documents manager, you'll be able to see your exact usage visually. This includes files trashed, live and combined usage.
Advanced Uploading System
Using HTML5 with Flash and Silverlight fallbacks, we have you covered for uploading support. In addition, the uploader supports simple file drag and drop!
Document Groups
Organize your documents according to fully customizable groups. This will provide you with an even quicker way to access all your documents within the RentPost system.
Trash Bin Recovery
By default, all deleted files are put within your account's trash bin. Files in the trash bin can be simply restored or removed forever. This special feature ensures you never accidentally remove a file.
On-the-fly Updating
Drag and drop a file, it'll upload and pop up on your screen instantly, associate itself with the chosen association and document group. Then, you can edit the file name, and group on-the-fly without any extra reloading. That's something!


Rent Roll
Automatic grouping by address and filterable with the advanced filter technology allowing you to filter down to show whatever units you like. The rent roll features everything you are use to seeing, units, unit details, tenants, lease periods, monthly rent, deposits, balance, totals, etc.
Upcoming Renewals
Helping you stay on top of what units are coming up for renewal and to help you plan your marketing efforts, the upcoming renewals report is an excellent planning tool. Again, this report supports the advanced filtering technology, helping you target the results you need. Filter down to what you need an print or export the report if you like.
RentPost's owner report is extremely beautiful with performance and work order graphing, quick overall stats, unit breakdowns and totaling. It also supports owner emailing, pdf export, xls exporting, and more.
Work Orders
Reporting for completion schedules and submission breakdowns offer deep insight into your company's performance when it comes to work orders. Again, these reports feature the advanced filtering technology and you can of course print or export it as needed.
Aged Receivables
Integrated with the advanced filter technology, you can drill down to show aged receivables in a city or state, by unit address or even by the tenant. The report offers details on their last payments, total do and monthly rent. Print or export the report as needed.