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Property Solutions for Every Life Stage

Housing needs change as often as we do, and finding the right rental or investment property to fit your needs is challenging no matter where you are in life. At RentPost, we provide property solutions for property problems, whether you are a renter, a beginning property manager, or an experienced real estate investor. College Students Property Problem: Tara is a third year college student at a...

College Property Markets That Rocked in 2014

RealtyTrac’s Q2, 2014 Residential Property Rental Report, had some interesting things to say about what markets rocked and what markets just sunk like rocks. A look at the report shows that the second quarter just wasn’t as great as the same time last year: the average annual return for 2014 was about 9.9% compared to the 10.60% of 2013. While the report gives us a great look at all areas...

While You Were Out: Winter Vacation Checklist for College Students

Winter holidays are coming and college students are getting ready to trek home for an extended break from their studies…and their rental housing. Students generally get a week long break for Thanksgiving and a 3 to 4 week break for winter holidays. Their exodus leaves a lot of rental units empty and vulnerable to property damage and cold weather related maintenance issues. When I was in...

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