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College Property Markets That Rocked in 2014

RealtyTrac’s Q2, 2014 Residential Property Rental Report, had some interesting things to say about what markets rocked and what markets just sunk like rocks. A look at the report shows that the second quarter just wasn’t as great as the same time last year: the average annual return for 2014 was about 9.9% compared to the 10.60% of 2013. While the report gives us a great look at all areas...

2015 Rental Market Trend Predictions

Multi-family is a market that is on an increasing uptick, as homeownership is still at an all time low. Rents continue to rise in response, and trends are looking very promising for the rental housing market in 2015. Though a number of sources have indicated that 2015 might be a fairly big year for home-buying, this is due to two factors: first time homebuyers with more cash and credit and the...

Freddie Mac’s Report On The Multifamily Markets

According to Freddie Mac’s recent report, the multifamily market has been showing signs of things moving towards better times. As a matter of fact, many economists credit the conditions of the multifamily market with leading the way in terms of recovery in a broader scope macro economy.

Dealing With a Late Paying Tenant In Georgia

Next up in my local places series, I’m exploring Georgia laws around late payment of rent. I have spoken to a number of landlords and property management professionals about the most common questions they have. Probably the second most asked question is: what do I do if I have a tenant that needs to pay late? This is not a problem that is isolated to Georgia, so if you’re a landlord in another...

Rest In Peace, Harold Ramis

Most of us are familiar with movies like “Caddyshack”, “Groundhog Day”, “Stripes”, and of course, the “Ghostbusters” movies. Harold Ramis was not only a beloved actor, but he also was a talented writer and director. He passed today at age 69, of complications due to autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. He’d been battling the condition for the past four years.

Is Your Landlord Blog Content Conveying the Wrong Message?

I am a professional blogger. This means, I write for all sorts of vectors. I am well versed in branding and marketing. Branding is something that I believe is a very important business move, and it’s something that is universal. You are your brand, when you run a business and the image you present is important. This is something that can help to foster a great deal of trust in you as a business...

Saint Louis Rental Trends

Multi-family housing across the nation is on the uptick due to restricted credit markets and other economic issues. More and more people are shifting towards lifestyles that involve a lot of flexibility and all of this comes together to broaden rental markets. Because more people want the flexibility to move, should opportunity arise for better job prospects and because many people are hesitant...

Are Freddie and Fannie Coming Back?

The US Senate floor was lively in January with over 30 Democrats urging initiatives to help Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to continue working on affordable housing programs. There are two unused funds that have been established by Congress since 2008, in order to finance such programs- using a part of the two organization’s revenue to fund it. In November, funds were suspended by the Federal Housing...

Urban Chickens?

So, many blogs have been advocating being more pet friendly in your rentals, but what about livestock?
If you’ve got images of cows running through the courtyard of your apartment complex- you’ve got a great imagination and are taking it a little too far. What I am talking about is a recent trend that’s got some people crowing with delight and others squawking.

Fair Housing Trends

Each year, the National Fair Housing Alliance compiles a report outlining the issues of that year. The 2013 Fair Housing Trends Report has just come out and indicates that complaints are actually up by about 5%. In 2012, the report shows that there were about 28, 518 complaints total. Additionally, this report does include those that were investigated by the US Department of Housing and Urban...

More Housing Trends On The Rise

The US Census Bureau reported that the US population went up by about 4% in the years between 2006-2011. During that time, though, there was only a 3% increase in households- this broke down to a 2% for family households, but a 5% growth in non-related households. That would seem to indicate that roommates are a growing section of the market. This definitely has some bearing on the recent boom in...

Builder Confidence Stable in Housing Market

Uncertainties in the market are not causing issue with builder confidence, but also, not increasing it, the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) index reveals. This same market uncertainty has been creating tensions with both builders and buyers for some time now, but recently has remained roughly the same. As of last month, the trend was downwardly revised at a level of 54.

Single and MultiFamily Rental Markets Looking Good

According to Jones Lang LaSalle, or JLL, sales volumes on multifamily housing in the United States shot up about 47% from the months of July to September after a dragging second quarter. Sales volumes on multifamily housing hit about 25 billion dollars during that time. Researchers cite the housing hangover, population growth in the empty nesters and Echo Boomers, and the rise in households...

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