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TWiRP – November 19, 2016

How Trump’s Presidency Could Impact Real Estate Markets After the recent election investors are curious about how Trump’s Presidency will affect real estate. Based on his current values there will no doubt be a short-term stimulus to the economy. A combination of tax cuts and government spending in the form of upgrading nation’s infrastructure and for national defense will provide a...

Rental Market – The Home Ownership Timeline

It’s hard to look at the rental market, as a whole, without taking into consideration home ownership.  In the US, a country of nearly 320 million, there are currently around 43 million renter households and roughly 67 million home ownership households.  It’s no secret that as home ownership increases, renter households decrease overall.  There is a constant ebb and flow between these...

When Will Millennials Invest in Real Estate? Part One

Over the past few years there has been a lot of buzz over the spending habits of Generation Y, commonly referred to as Millennials. American marketeers are baffled by the low levels of spending among this cohort, particularly when it comes to their reluctance to purchase homes. Americans aged 18-33 prefer to rent, with a mere 13% of Millennials owning property. The reasons for the shift toward...

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