TWiRP – November 19, 2016

How Trump’s Presidency Could Impact Real Estate Markets

After the recent election investors are curious about how Trump’s Presidency will affect real estate. Based on his current values there will no doubt be a short-term stimulus to the economy. A combination of tax cuts and government spending in the form of upgrading nation’s infrastructure and for national defense will provide a short boost to the economy in the first half of 2017. But what will occur for the rest of his term.


Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles and Home Battery a Huge Deal

Why does it matter that Tesla is making a fashion statement when the point is green power and a future where we aren’t so dependent on fossil fuels? The new sleek look of the tiles provide an pleasing look that consumers are interested in. Also Tesla’s solar tiles claim to be able to power a standard home, and provide spare power via the new Powerwall 2 battery in case of inclement weather or other outages. Musk says that the overall cost will still be less than installing a regular old roof and paying the electric company for power from conventional sources.


World’s Biggest Real Estate Binge is Coming to a City Near You

A buying spree of foreign investors has begun and it could be affecting your local markets. The buying spree has defied Chinese government efforts to restrict capital outflows and shows little sign of slowing after an estimated $15 billion of overseas real estate purchases in the first half. Also, Fang Holdings Ltd., the country’s most popular property website, predicts overseas buying on its system will increase 130 percent this year. China overtook Canada as the largest source of residential purchases in America last year after an estimated $93 billion of buying from 2010 to 2015, according to a May report.



How Ownership Crawls Up From 50-Year Low

After falling to the lowest level in 50 years, the U.S. homeownership rate bounced up slightly in the third quarter of this year. At 63.5 percent, it is still lower than the same time a year ago and significantly down from its high of 69.2 percent at the height of the last housing boom, according to the U.S. Census. Household formation, which is the number of newly occupied housing units (both rented and owned) climbed by just more than 1.1 million. 



Signs Your Local Real Estate Market is in a Bubble

  1. Shaky Loans are common
  2. There’s lots of leverage
  3. Home prices are rising faster than salaries
  4. Foreign demand slows
  5. Interest rates rise
  6. When there are no signssigns-local-real-estate-market-bubble-110916-hero-300x169

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