RentPost Throwback Links

Two years ago, a couple of long shots from Athens, GA joined with the common goal of creating and promoting what the real estate market, on its own, has not produced.   An online property management software? Well those already exist right? Sure, they exist, but is sheer existence good enough? It’s time tenants actually use the software, as tenants are the key to fruitful software, and an...

Friday Morning Links – All Real Estate Agents

Not many newbie real estate agents, but here’s a few tips to those going for it never-the-less: 6 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent . It might help for you veterans to revisit your roots. Speaking of you veteran agents, it seems that there are a few ways to keep business moving during a recession. Wonder why the savvy real estate investors always stay on top of the game? Well, it might...

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