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Two years ago, a couple of long shots from Athens, GA joined with the common goal of creating and promoting what the real estate market, on its own, has not produced.   An online property management software? Well those already exist right? Sure, they exist, but is sheer existence good enough? It’s time tenants actually use the software, as tenants are the key to fruitful software, and an effective tool for property management organization. Property management software is truly the missing link to productivity as described in our other article.

It’s not just talk and writing anymore; the RentPost team has steadfastly remained dedicated to filling the void(s) in the rental world with a comprehensive software solution. Now that RentPost software is nearing its public release, we found it fitting to go back in time and re-visit some of the principles on which RentPost was founded. It’s the RentPost throwback links; enjoy…

Tenants direct how the rental game works, so why not make sure they are happy: don’t let tenants leave unhappy without security deposits, so Tenants Take Back Your Security Deposits. Don’t forget the Tenant Rights Landlords Should Know. Keep tenant relations healthy; communication is the key: Communication: The Key to A Thriving Landlord-Tenant Relationship, and don’t forget about Communication II: Common Landlord Complaints Resolved. Oh, and it is always important to know who the bosses are: Landlords, Remember Who You Work For. Finally,  tenants keep your best interests in mind regarding the decision of Renter’s Insurance… Rip Off or Rewarding?

Property investors are critical to the real estate market, rental community, and property managers. Without profitable investors, where does the property management industry go? Keep the best investment strategies in mind, and value property investment well, no matter what your place in the rental market: Income Property Investing: The Cap Rate. This knowledge also helps real estate agents to target buyers, especially in the current state of the market. Here’s how: Real Estate Agent Tips for 2011. Real estate investment is critical to the retirement of so many; learn the secrets here: Retirement with Rentals; How Income Property can Make Your Retirement Dreams Come True

The political gaming in D.C. affects property managers, investors, buyers, and tenants now more than ever. Politics, Economics – Where are We Headed? Where the Renters Market Goes From Here!

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