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What is Property Management?

Investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do with your money. Time and time again, it’s proven to be a sound investment for consistent cash flow- especially if you’re able to hold the property for a long time. But managing a lot of real estate can be a HUGE pain. Especially if you’re a new investor who is doing everything without a property management company...

Property Management Fee: What to Know.

So you’re researching different property management companies trying to figure out who’s got the best deal. This can take a lot of time: requesting proposals, asking for references, conducting interviews. Maybe your property is hours away and you can’t even meet these people—you just need someone who can take care of your property for a good price. What should you know about the property...

Good things DO come in due time! – accounting system overhaul

… to those who wait.  Or something like that.  Bah, we don’t like waiting either!  That’s why we’ve worked the longest possible hours known to man to push out this latest massive accounting update which will have you book-keepers and accountant minded managers jumping for joy! The RentPost accounting system has received an overhaul and we’ve included a LOT of goodies...

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