Good things DO come in due time! – accounting system overhaul

… to those who wait.  Or something like that.  Bah, we don’t like waiting either!  That’s why we’ve worked the longest possible hours known to man to push out this latest massive accounting update which will have you book-keepers and accountant minded managers jumping for joy!

The RentPost accounting system has received an overhaul and we’ve included a LOT of goodies for you guys!  Aside from traditional double entry accounting, support for trust accounting, move-out process expenses, refunds, forfeits, and more, we’ve included many other updates.  Here are a few of the big boys…

  • Support for trust accounting
  • Owner minimum balances and alerts
  • Move-out process wizard with journal entry support
  • Contact profile updates with owner balances, profiles photos, and more
  • Undeposited funds and bank deposits
  • New quick access tenant actions menu
  • General ledger account balances
  • Owner contribution support
  • Property management fees and owner statements step by step process wizard
  • Other misc improvements that we know you wanted

It’s been a little while since we last spoke update talk, which should tell you just how much as gone into this release!  But finally, we are extremely thrilled to provide this latest update to everyone.  And, like always, we love hearing from you guys on feature requests, things that aren’t working well for you, and more.  We do listen and it helps us to keep our development efforts focused.  So, please drop us a line with the feedback tab within your account, even if you just want to say “hi”, that’s ok too ;)

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