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Stuff Those Envelopes – #9 Double Window Envelopes that is

We’ve just pushed out a new release that includes support for #9 standard double window envelopes (invoice double window) as well as #10 standard single window envelopes for all your tenant statements.  It will actually support a few others as well, but these are specifically the ones tested and for which the tenant statements were designed. The new design brings some other changes to...

Print all your Tenant Statements at Once!

The first of the month is starting to roll around and you want to send out tenant statements.  Instead of printing statements off one by one, we’ve added a new mass statement report/printing feature.  This is also a really quick way to get a single tenant statement if you wish.

To get started, just go to your Reports and then “Tenant Statements”.  Thanks and enjoy!

Print your Tenant Statements!

You guys have been asking for it and we’re delivering.  We’ve just released the latest version of the RentPost application which includes tenant statements, some upgrades to the owner statements and some fixes and updates.  The owner statements can easily be accessed from the tenant’s action tab. You can of course access the tenant statements from the tenant profile anywhere...

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