Stuff Those Envelopes – #9 Double Window Envelopes that is

e9af60b20927c6de1537b9e307369267e5We’ve just pushed out a new release that includes support for #9 standard double window envelopes (invoice double window) as well as #10 standard single window envelopes for all your tenant statements.  It will actually support a few others as well, but these are specifically the ones tested and for which the tenant statements were designed.

The new design brings some other changes to improve clarity on the statement and overall layout enhancements as well.  Also as part of this update, and part of a few smaller past updates, we’ve addressed and improved the following particulars.

  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the number of months shown on tenant statements was more than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where private messages weren’t being sent to some users
  • Fixed issue when adding a payment profile, under some cases, users were getting errors about their name not conforming
  • Improved the registration forms for tenants and managers to add more clarity for input data
  • Improved the running total to take into account historical transactions in situations where a full list of transactions isn’t being displayed.
  • Fixed timezone issue for due dates on tenant statements
  • Improved the naming for monthly rental revenue charges so that, depending on when rent is due, you’ll now get a more representative name.  For example, if rent is due on the 1st, you’d have “September Rent”, otherwise “Sep-Oct Rent”.
  • Optimized the units and tenants tab for faster load times, particularly noticeable on account with over 500 units.
  • Improved how and when tenant charges are added according to specific account algorithms.

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By Jacob Thomason

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