New Update… Already? Yep!

That’s right, only days after our public release, we are pleased to announce our latest update which includes, most importantly, the ability to add charges to tenants.  This means, if you collect utilities, trash fees, parking fees, or any other misc income, you will now be able to charge these amounts to the tenants balance and keep your records accurate.  We think this is a very critical aspect of the system.  This release also includes lots of other enhancements and fixes.

Our launch has been a great success and we’d like to welcome all you newcomers into the family!  Let’s continue to make 2011 the best year yet!

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  • This has been a great trial, and I am sure Im going to continue. I would like to see in the future multiple payments. Some of the properties I manage have DSS or Section 8, where they pay like 80% and the tenant is responsible for the rest. It would be helpful to to quickly be able to tell at a glance who has a balance.

  • Jeff, you can add multiple tenants per unit and set different lease periods, rental amounts and more. We have managers on the system now that have section 8 units and they just assign the govt entity as a tenant in each unit. You can then pull up all the details for that tenant, amts owed, etc. It actually all works very well. I’d recommend checking it out, all our accounts include a free 14-day trial, so, if you don’t like it, no worries.

By Jacob Thomason

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