If it Sounds too Good to be True…

conman11399037XSmallIt’s recently come to our attention that an individual(s) believed to be in the Czech Republic (probably looking something like the guy on the left) is luring tenants, primarily out of Canada, to attractive rental properties at great rental rates, only to be scammed into wiring funds to an overseas bank account.  It’s sad, it’s unfortunate, it’s elaborate, and it’s working.

So, why are we writing to tell you about this?  These types of things happen on a daily basis, all over the internet.  They come in all different fashions and forms.

We want to be sure no one else is affected by this scheme where the landlord claims to be using RentPost.  Remember what your mama told you… “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.  So, don’t fall victim to scams!

This particular person or persons is claiming that they’re using RentPost for the transaction.  They claim that RentPost will facilitate the showing of their rental property while they are out of the country, deliver the keys in a rental package, etc.  They require that the tenant wire funds to a bank account overseas or even send a Western Union payment.  All of this is required prior to the tenant even seeing the rental property.  Tenants are told that if they don’t like the RentPost property, RentPost will refund their deposit.

Firstly, let me say that if you’ve been effected by this scam, we’re very sorry!  You should contact your local authorities and report this person with as many details as you have.  This process generally begins by filing a police report.

Let’s wake up here though!

RentPost does not have a bank account in the Czech Republic.  We’re a US based company that only accepts payments through the RentPost network.  We would never ask tenants to bank wire transfer funds – that’s silly.  And in general, as a practice – you should almost never bank wire transfer funds period unless you 100% know what you’re doing!

RentPost does not show rental properties.  We offer a service that connects landlords with tenants, vendors, and owners to manage their rentals.  We don’t send keys with rental packages and we don’t broker or manage the process for absentee landlords.  You should know the landlord with whom you’re doing business.  Never send someone money for a rental property that you’ve not been able to see in person and fully understand the situation for which you’re doing business.

It’s our hope that by bringing this situation to light no other potential renters will be scammed.  We also hope that the authorities will do their job and properly deal with the person(s) conducting these scams.

Thank you and happy hunting for your next rental to call home!

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