Eco Friendly Options For Rentals

If you’ve been considering upgrading or repairing your properties, it’s a good idea to have a look at how environmentally friendly it is.  There are quite a few small, inexpensive changes that you can make that will green your buildings and actually, save you money in the long run.

There are a variety of different roofing things that you can do.  If you need to re-shingle, now’s a good time to take advantage of the new options on the market. These include slate, composite, metal, or even recycled materials.  They usually offer better impact resistance and exceptional fire protection.  The recycled vinyl and cellulose fiber offerings for shingles out there have a wealth of benefits.  They can be made to look like wood shingles, yet they don’t have issues with cracking, mold, or warping.

Insulation is another area where you can green up your property. A new offering is soy based polyurethane spray in.  This foam based insulation expands, which then enables it to form an airtight seal wherever it is and it offers exceptionally high thermal resistance.  The new batting style insulation offerings are made with denim and post-industrial cotton.  These don’t have the chemicals in them that cause irritation and most are free of formaldehyde.

The biggest way you can effectively create a more eco friendly property that also helps save money is when you replace your doors and windows.  You want to pay attention to the u-factor ratings, which are a measurement of the heat flow.  Find the ones with the lowest ratings- on average they go from .25-1.25.  You can also use the dual pane glass windows that offer an argon chamber, as well as triple pane sliding glass doors. If you’re not looking to replace, consider caulking your windows and doors.

A great list of tips you can provide in your newsletters for tenant use can be:

  • If it isn’t in use, unplug it. Appliances and electronic devices still draw energy, even when they aren’t being used.

  • Keep your thermostats down in the winter, but up in the summer.

  • Never run a small load of laundry, always make sure that you have a full load.

  • Cover windows with thick curtains.

  • Use refillable water bottles or get a filter.

There are many ways that you can create a more eco-friendly property that will help both you and your tenants to save on energy bills.  These are just a few suggestions to choose eco friendly options for rentals, from a long list of ways that you can help.

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