Bank Fees Rise, Patrons “Unionize…”

The other day I caught a news segment on the newest outrage facing American [and many International] consumers: banking institutions’ plans to increadse service fees (some of which have been free services until now…).  This includes, but is not limited to: elimination of “free” checking accounts, increased fees for overdrafting, bad checks, increased ATM fees, and even requirements to maintain a...

Fair Housing Act: Be careful. Watch what you say.

Providing housing for every man, woman, and child is the social and humanitarian goal, and thus, a government concern. Consider the following: [Government involvement = Regulation] and [Regulation = Risk for PM]; thus, according to the Transitive Property of…Property Management…Gov’t involvement equals risk to property managers. The Fair Housing Act protects the rights of those seeking homes, and...

Innovation Accelerates: Tech…nergy?

I was just speaking with a property manager, and somehow we ended up having a lengthy discussion about the seemingly accelerated effect that technology has on business and life in general.  Before dismissing this as “duh," (for lack of a better term)…[re]consider a few specific words I included in this otherwise over-generalized statement: “…accelerated effect that technology has on business..."...

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