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More Housing Trends On The Rise

The US Census Bureau reported that the US population went up by about 4% in the years between 2006-2011. During that time, though, there was only a 3% increase in households- this broke down to a 2% for family households, but a 5% growth in non-related households. That would seem to indicate that roommates are a growing section of the market. This definitely has some bearing on the recent boom in...

U.S. Government Axes the Use of Paper Checks… Follow the Lead, Property Managers

In a statement released May, 2011 by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Rosie Rios, Treasurer, formally ended the use of paper checks for Social Security and federal benefit payments. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS! The simple change keeps $120,000,000 in taxpayer pockets, saving “more than 1 billion [taxpayer dollars]” over the next ten years. The electronic payment solution implemented by...

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