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TWiRP- Mar 21, 2015

This week in rental property, we look at litigation. Last week, an article (2nd link) followed the controversial litigation coined as rent control. Our first link below follows this topic in Santa Monica. Our next link follows an interesting tenant-landlord relationship, where a NY landlord sues a tenant for subletting his property on Airbnb without permission. Speaking of the tenant-landlord...

TWiRP- Feb 21, 2015

Watch out world! This week in rental property we take a closer look at internet scams. The risk of being scammed may be higher than you think, especially due to the fact that many of us use our good friend the internet to help fill vacant properties. We also take a look at a great website that is looking to become a safe haven for landlords and property managers trying to post their rental...

Avoiding Common Rental Scams

Avoiding Rental Scams In the age of technology, it’s not just renters who are getting scammed with rental properties. Now there is such a thing as tenant fraud and it can be the cause of a serious headache. Here are a few ways to help avoid all of that and to keep yourself from being a possible victim. Search through online listings Do a search of listings in your area and even a little outside...

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