TWiRP- Mar 21, 2015

This week in rental property, we look at litigation. Last week, an article (2nd link) followed the controversial litigation coined as rent control. Our first link below follows this topic in Santa Monica. Our next link follows an interesting tenant-landlord relationship, where a NY landlord sues a tenant for subletting his property on Airbnb without permission. Speaking of the tenant-landlord relationship, The Burlington Press bring news of a new piece of litigation in Vermont, that “would require tenants to obtain their landlord’s permission before subletting a dwelling.” Our fourth article looks at time management for landlords. Sometimes it is beneficial to hire a property management company. Could you optimize your time by outsourcing these tasks? Finally, as Spring begins to settle in, Summer dwells on the horizon. Orange County Breeze sends a friendly reminder of the increase in rental scams during the summer months.


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