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Benefits To Green-Certifying Your Rental Property

Is green-certifying your rental property worth it? That’s the question many property owners and developers ask themselves when it comes to their rental properties. Getting your rental property certified might seem daunting. However, you might be surprised to learn that 54 percent of multifamily builders are choosing to build 15 percent or more of their properties green — and that percentage is...

TWiRP – October 3, 2015

In this week’s rental property, average U.S. 30-year fixed mortgage rates slightly declined to 3.85 percent from 3.86 percent a week earlier. The Wall Street Journal had a Q&A session with Zillow’s chief economist discussing some of the current issues around real estate. According to Realtor.com, millennials are showing a different behavioral pattern in the housing market. Urban...

More Housing Trends On The Rise

The US Census Bureau reported that the US population went up by about 4% in the years between 2006-2011. During that time, though, there was only a 3% increase in households- this broke down to a 2% for family households, but a 5% growth in non-related households. That would seem to indicate that roommates are a growing section of the market. This definitely has some bearing on the recent boom in...

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