Help! My apartment smells bad!

We know what this song was really about.

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, at some point or another, you’ve had to deal with the stinky rental. These are the stenches so strong that you can almost see the pea soup green stink cloud chasing the butterfly and rainbow cloud of Febreeze away. You can practically hear it yelping in terror as it goes.

Skunks smoking on your property could be problematic....
Skunks smoking on your property could be problematic….

If you’re showing a property, the very last thing you want is a lingering odour fouling up your walk through. You can chuckle awkwardly all you want, but if the unit smells reminiscent of the

I think it's pretty obvious where that lingering cigarette smell is coming from....
I think it’s pretty obvious where that lingering cigarette smell is coming from….

business end of a port-o-potty, it tends to be off putting. Though there are tenants for whom this isn’t a big deal, and for you, oh brave stench adventurers, we have some tips to help rid your place of those sulphur scented memories. Or a former smoker. It’s funnier to imagine potty smells, but there are many things that make bad scents, and quite a few things you can do about it.

Understanding where scents come from is the first key to getting rid of the stench. This holds particularly true of cigarette smoke. If you’ve ever cleaned out a unit or home that housed smokers, you know exactly where the smell is. It’s everywhere. That does not mean it’s impossible to rid yourself of.

While it’s true you can paint over nicotine with latex paint, it may not remove the scent. For one thing, you’ll also have it in the carpets and on the fixtures. A vinegar and water solution will not only effectively remove nicotine from the walls, but you can also use it on the carpet and other fixtures. It’s a simple half and half solution that doesn’t cause damage in the process. While you are doing this, if at all possible: be airing the unit out. Exposing any kind of odour-riffic enclosed space to moving, fresh air is very beneficial in getting rid of odour. You should have oscillating fans going to help keep the air moving. Repeat this for a few hours over the course of a few days.

No, I do not work for Simple Solution. We just have 3 kids and quite a few rescue pets.
No, I do not work for Simple Solution. We just have 3 kids and quite a few rescue pets.

A fantastic cure for more toilet-y scents is a product called Simple Solution. Now, bear in mind, if you have extensive pet urine and fecal smells, the carpet and subfloor may need replacing. However, if it’s just a bit of farty dog smell or animal BO- simple solution can definitely come to the rescue. Spray it on any porous areas, carpets, fabrics, and other areas. You can also prep a non ruined but smelly carpet with baking soda overnight. Simply shake a layer over your surfaces and then vacuum up in the morning.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest hiding places for a stinky home or unit is in the ventilation. This is one area where it is a bigger benefit to hire a professional to clean than to attempt to DIY, if you aren’t sure how. This holds particularly true if you have had a smoker in the home, and is the best way to make sure that all the scents are gone.

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