Control your charges and name those Commercial Tenants

We’ve released the latest update for RentPost.  With this update comes a few exciting new features and some large core changes.

The first new feature is a company field to all commercial tenant records.  If you fill in details for the company, it will now be displayed over the first and last name throughout the software.

Next we’ve added the ability for you to choose the date when your rent is assessed to your tenants.  This setting can be edited from your Account -> Settings menu, under the Accounting tab.  Just choose the number of days out that you’d like rent assessed and the system will handle the rest.

Finally, we’ve been hard at work on our core photo and document storage system.  Included in this release, while not highly visible, is a new core system for managing documents.  This is a very exciting step towards our upcoming document storage system we’re preparing, so stay tuned for more details on that.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, good or bad.  Cheers!

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By Jacob Thomason