Get organized and start tagging your units.  Do you need to know which units to perform gutter checks on in the fall?  Need to know which units need gas line checks?  Or do you just need to know which units have certain bills to be paid?  Regardless of the reasons you might have, tagging can be a very powerful way to organize your units.

To get started, just log into your account, edit an existing unit, or just click to add a new one, then start tagging…

You’ll get a clean filter-able list in the right column where you can just click on the tag and it will instantly filter your units that match.

You can also, of coure, click the tags on any of the units to find other matching units with the same tag.

We hope everyone enjoys the new tagging feature.  It’s very powerful and provide for some really nice organizational benefits.  Let us know how it’s working for you and any other features and improvements!

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