Over the past month, we’ve pushed out a series of updates, important things that have been requested and needed for the continual progression of any great software product.  We released 2 big features, and series of more fine tuned updates, like the way we handle end of lease system automated services, our settings system and owner distribution controls.  These are all great things that allow you much more fine tuned control over your account.

However, sometimes, new additions may adjust the way your workflow currently functions.  And with that, we’d like to encourage all RentPost users to actively follow our Twitter, Facebook, or RSS Feed, or monitor your account news feed for notices.  Making sure you get the latest news on updates to the system will ensure that you’re up to date with what’s happening inside RentPost and if needed, adjusting your account to ensure that you’re running your business the way you wish.

While it will always be our goal to maintain backwards compatibility with current functionality, there are always edge cases where this isn’t possible, and with these, you’ll want to stay in the loop.  Our goal is to always make your life easier, and we’ll keep you informed of any changes we make to the system that could affect you.

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