New Release, New Goodies. Oh, and more goodies!

Management FeesSo, we have a big one for you guys today!  We’ve just pushed out the latest release of the RentPost software.  As always, everyone’s account has been updated and you will see all the new features when you log into your account.  This release comes with so many things, I am not really sure I can list all of them, but here are the major features…

  • Payables and receipts
  • Receivables and receipts
  • Journal Entries
  • Management fee structures and statement based generation
  • Owner report updates
  • bank account updates and routing
  • and much more…

This release offers a huge improvement with the RentPost accounting system, offering you even more control and features to help you manage your finances.  Keep the feature requests rolling in, we’re listening and working as quickly as we can to help bring you the very best property management software solution available.

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