How to Prepare Your Rental Property Lawn for Spring

Need to prepare your rental property’s lawn for the spring? Here are a few tips from the experts. Whether you’re doing everything yourself or hiring a company to help, here are a few ways to get your lawn ready for warmer weather.

Fertilizing in the spring jump starts your lawn from its winter slumber. It provides a nutrient build up that will give it the strength to withstand heat stress and drought through the summer months.

Bermuda, which should be aerated this time of year in addition to having Pre-Emergent and weed control applied.

Your first impulse may be to water and mow your lawn right away. Instead, give it some time to grow first. This helps because the longer grass helps protects roots and makes it stronger overall. Don’t worry if your lawn starts out with some brown spots, though. This is completely natural, and will change once it rains a couple times. After that, water your grass twice a week.

You should wait until your yard has thawed and dried before you start working on it.  Soil compaction can happen if there is too much foot traffic on wet soil.

You don’t have to do a whole lot to your trees right now to ensure that they’ll be gorgeous and full of life come spring. However, if you do two key things – mulching and pruning – you’ll be sure to get great results once the weather warms up and your trees start to bloom.

A mower with dull blades can cause more problems than it solves. Flat or dull blades will grind, clump, tear and rip grass in a spotty and damaging manner, ultimately decreasing both the appearance and health of your lawn. Use a vice and metal file to sharpen your lawnmower’s blades. Given the nature of the task, you can also have a mower repair shop, retail store that sells motors or landscaping company sharpen your blades.


Don’t miss your chance to prepare your yard for hot weather. If you don’t lay a firm foundation in the spring, there’s a good chance your lawn won’t look as good for the rest of the year.

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