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Finding the Best Property Maintenance Services

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Whether you own a residential or commercial rental property, you’ll need the best property maintenance services. Fortunately, the routine maintenance regimen is the same for both avenues.

Making the Right Choices

Owning and managing a rental property can be a highly rewarding feat to accomplish in your lifetime. However, this feat is challenging for the faint-hearted to attempt. Maintaining your properties can often be time-consuming, overwhelming, and even costly if you don’t take the proper precautions promptly. 

The choices you make regarding the property maintenance services you provide for your properties immensely affect the impression you make on potential customers or residents. Making sure everything pertaining to the operation or upkeep of your properties is efficient and operational should be a top priority. You should have several top-notch maintenance services on speed dial that encompass all your property needs. When I say top-notch maintenance services, I mean that word for word!

It would help if you looked for companies with a proven track record of providing superior services. There are plenty of reputable reviewing sites to help you find the best service providers in your area.

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Typical Property Maintenance Services

Once you have found a reputable site to find qualified service providers, it’s time to compile a list of services you may need to handle your maintenance needs. These services can include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Air Conditioning
  • Carpet Cleaning & Installation
  • Pest Control
  • Network & Cable
  • Insurance
  • Landscaping & Yard Maintenance
  • Hospitality

As you can see, property maintenance services cover a wide array of property needs. However, all these are equally yoked in urgency and the need to be addressed with the highest customer satisfaction standards.

Residential Management Needs

As I stated earlier, the needs of both residential and commercial properties will often overlap; however, there are a few maintenance needs that tend to swing one way or the other or at least will lean more heavily toward a particular sector. 

For residential properties, there is a greater emphasis on keeping up appearances. For example, I live in an apartment complex where the groundkeepers or landscapers have an almost constant presence on the premises. They are forever cutting the grass and hedges or planting flower beds regularly to ensure a consistent supply of fresh flowers throughout the year! 


Another general service I see is carpet cleaners or the installation of new carpets. Children and pets are often detrimental to carpets; unfortunately, when tenants move out, those carpets have to be cleaned or replaced. Speaking of children, did you know that over 40% of single-family renters have kids? For this reason, carpet cleaning is a must in every rental property.

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Rental properties are also sensitive to the changing weather throughout the year. That means that air conditioning repairs or replacements will be a constant worry for residential property owners, particularly in southern regions, especially during the summer. In the winter, this is a concern, particularly in the northern areas. 

Tenants living in residential properties also expect access to quality networking and cable options. Most apartment complex landlords do not allow satellite dishes to be installed on their units, so network cables will often be run into the complex by local internet service and cable providers.

While it is the service provider’s responsibility to repair any damage or faultiness in cables, it is up to the landlord to place the service call. If a tenant calls a service provider due to faulty internet or cable, and the problem is outside of their home and resides underground, the landlord has to provide explicit permission for the service provider to dig up older lines.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost to the landlord, and in my personal experience, landlords may be slow to authorize the digging up of cables, especially if outages aren’t widespread. One needs to strike a balance because tenants in rental properties usually have fewer options for cable or internet, especially in smaller cities.

Commercial Management Needs

For commercial properties, the needs will vary greatly depending on what the property will be used for. Restaurants, for example, may focus on cleanliness as a top priority and pest control is one service they will use most often.

As the property manager, you must ensure the pest controller is on speed dial when opening a restaurant. Your pest control service must be discreet and thorough the first time they answer a call. The last thing you want your patrons to see is pest control personnel spraying pesticides near your food or during your hours of operation. Your control of a pest situation should be inconspicuous to those not involved in the process. 

Temperature control is also a vital concern for those properties that may be involved in the food industry. Ensuring industrial freezers and backup power is available could make or break a business. Therefore, the electrician you hire must ensure appliances that require lots of energy will work efficiently without overloading your local energy grid. You may think, “I only own the property; how my tenant runs their business is their concern.” That may be true, but the electrical and maintenance choices may be up to you, and how you respond could determine the impression you make to future tenants as their landlord. 

With the rise of internet reviewing sites, even property owners must be on their best behavior, but that should be a given regardless. Many businesses that are operated in properties owned by you may require the installation of high-speed internet cables. While it may not be your responsibility to provide that for your tenants, requesting high-speed internet cables to be laid on your properties may be in your best interest and a worthwhile investment. With that said, investing in a working relationship with local internet service providers would be wise.


Whether you own residential or commercial rental properties, ensuring that your maintenance needs are met is a crucial and monumental task. Short-changing them isn’t an option, especially if you are considering your return on investment.

With so much on the line, managing your property maintenance can become overwhelming, and finding reputable contractors to fulfill your needs can take time and effort. Property management software and agencies are here to help if you need them. Your real estate goals are what you make them, so don’t hesitate to hire only the best when it comes to property maintenance!

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