TWiRP – December 31, 2016

A Growing Number of Millennials Are Entering the Housing Market

Studies show that millennials (people ages 18-35) are making up an increasing share of the home buying market, particularly in suburban areas. A survey shows that 65% of the respondents are renting because of cost and financial circumstances. However, more of these millennials are starting families. Although 65% of this group is renting, a whopping 60% are expecting to purchase a home.


Five Things to Look for During Property Inspections

It can be easy to find a tenant to live in your property, but making sure your property stays in good condition is a completely different topic. Running a routine rental inspection is a must in order to keep yourself and your investment safe. Looking out for these five things during inspections will be of great use to you.

Steps to Lowering Your Property Tax Bill

Property Assessors have one main goal–tax, tax and tax. The nicer your property is, the more you’re going to owe. Luckily, for those willing to take the initiative, there are some ways to lowering your property taxes by taking action and coming to a compromise.

Property Taxes in Brampton Are Soaring

Two of the GTA’s largest cities’ newly passed 2017 budgets are sending a cloud over the heads of homeowners. Taxes are hiking above inflation, with a 2.9% increase coming in 2017.

Five More Property Predictions for 2017

What used to be an appealing asset in your property for renters has drastically changed with the blooming age of modern technology. These predictions will give you insight into how to make your home a must for potential buyers.


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