TWiRP – January 7, 2017

Opinions On This Year’s Market Head-to-Head

Some believe 2017 will mimic 2016’s slower patterns, while others aren’t so optimistic. What are your thoughts?

Millennials’ Domination of the Market Expanding

Once again, millennials seem to be dominating the market, but not just in rentals. The myth that millennials only want to rent is being disproved as we see them now constituting 68% of first-time home buyers, while just under half of this group will be looking to buy their first home at some point over the next two years. How drastically could this affect the rental market?

Rental Inspection Enforcement Possibly Weakened

This Dallas court case could affect and even weaken rental inspection enforcement in an effort to keep people safe, while also preserving properties. Could this new rule become mainstream?

Smart Technology Is Taking Over

As we move further into the modern age, we are seeing things we used to consider a “luxury” fizzle away. This new device will change the game entirely. Welcome to the future of smart technology. Are you prepared?

New Rental Ordinance: Benefit or Barricade?

This new ordinance change could benefit thousands of tenants. Out of approximately 50,000 single-family rental homes, Dallas is requiring landlords to register their properties. This is being done in an attempt to ensure minimum housing standards are met and maintained. Could be adopted in other cities as well?


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By Lauren Mayo