Did someone say they wanted an owner portal?

Or maybe printable deposit slips?

Yea, we heard you, loud and clear, so we built them and of course it’s included in all our plans on RentPost.  We’re not charging any extra for these features, so enjoy.  We’ve also managed to work in quite a few other improvements and fixes since the last release.  In fact, we even pushed out some of these improvements over this period without mention; just so much good stuff coming out right now.

Here are a few of the notable mentions:

  • Upgrades to the record payment form.  Now just input the amount and the check or reference number and we’ll automatically populate all the charges on the account based on the amount of the payment.  Of course you can edit as well if you like.
  • Backdating rent support has been added, allowing you to assess rental charges back to the start of a tenant’s lease.
  • Many more details available now on your payment receipts
  • New information available for colleagues and the ability to show/hide on the new owner portal
  • and many many more small fixes and improvements.
We hope everyone enjoys these updates, and as always, keep the feedback coming, we’re going to build the most awesome piece of property management software available and truly make your lives easier!


Note:  To enable the owner portal for your owners, just edit the owner contact and tick to enable owner portal, make sure you have an email address on file for them, and we’ll send out an invite for them to register.

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Jacob Thomason

Co-founder & CEO @ RentPost, entrepreneur, real estate obsessed, engineer, blockchain enthusiast, extreme sports lover, traveler, fitness centered, intellectual and conceptual conversationalist.

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