In preparation of our public launch which is just around the corner, we have released the latest update which includes our owner reports, a unit grouping upgrade, and overall organization enhancements for unit grouping and expending.  We will have another beta invite round going out very soon for the latest users who have signed up.  Keep in mind that our beta users get to keep their account, free for life as our thanks to you.  However, as we prepare for our public launch, we will be introducing our pricing model as well.  We have a very ambitious and affordable pricing model that we think you all will be very pleased with.

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who has been using RentPost over the past year and we’d like to also welcome everyone as we prepare for our public launch.

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Jacob Thomason is a co-founder and CEO at RentPost. He loves extreme sports, traveling, working out, and can’t say no to a good cheeseburger.


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