Start Accepting Rent Payments in Canada

We’re excited to welcome Canadian property management companies and US companies that manage properties for Canadian owners. RentPost now, with the release of version 4.3, supports Canadian bank accounts through Payshift, our payments engine. If you’re a Canadian company that’s been looking for a modern, user-friendly and flexible, management platform, give us a shot. We think you’ll love what you see.

Getting started, as a Canadian company, is virtually the same as it is for US companies. For more information on getting setup, please see this support article.

For US companies that manage properties in Canada, you can now setup a Canadian bank account alongside your existing US bank accounts. Just follow the same process, selecting an account holder with a Canadian address and the account will now be setup on Canada’s EFT network. Credit card

If you’re a Canadian company or US company looking for Canadian payment support, and have any questions, please reach out to our team. We’d be happy to discuss how RentPost might work for you!

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  • Nice initiative for local property businesses. US companies investing in canada will bring more business and jobs. Keep doing the good work. Thanks

By Jacob Thomason

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