More Goodies – a new Onboarding Wizard, a Guided Tour and Custom Surcharges

We’ve been busy and we’re happy to announce version 4.2 of RentPost is officially live! Sign into your account to check out the new features!

Onboarding Wizard

We’ve added a brand new Onboarding Wizard that will walk new users through setting up their account for the first time, allowing them to add some important and personalized data.

Existing users won’t see this wizard, as it’s just for new users. For all new users, this should make it much easier to get up and running faster.

Guided Tour

In addition to the Onboarding Wizard, we’ve also added a new Guided Tour for new manager accounts. The Guided Tour will step new managers through the various sections of the app, helping get up to speed with where everything is located.


The last new feature of this release, is a customizable surcharge implementation. You’ll now be able to add a surcharge fee that will be applied to all Tenant payments, both payments online by Tenants, as well as manually recorded payments from Managers.

Start by clicking “add new surcharge”.

This will then present you with the new Surcharge form.

Here we’re adding a simple “Sales Tax” surcharge of 5.7%. We choose the “Sales Tax” “Surcharge Account” as the Chart of Account to be used to classify the revenue we receive for this Surcharge. Lastly, we’re specifically targeting the “Folkrod” Unit Group since all of our commercial properties are located within this Unit Group. We could also not specify any filters and have this Surchage applied to all payments, or we could have it applied to specific Revenue Accounts or Payment Sources as well.

How you choose to setup and apply Surcharges will largely depend on your specific needs. These are intended to be flexible enough to cover virtually all cases where you need to add an additional fee at the time a payment is recorded.

After this Surcharge has been applied, you’ll now notice that, when recording payments for Tenants within the “Folkrod” Unit Group, we’ll have a “Sales Tax” of 5.7% applied.

We look forward to seeing how you utilize this new Surcharge feature.

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By Jacob Thomason