Tenants, Your Chance to Influence Rental Software

Hello all, today is a day for the tenants… RentPost has, for quite some time now, been developing a software to resolve many of the issues that have come between tenants and landlords. A number of which have been discussed in great detail on this blog.

During this process, we have interviewed many tenants, landlords, property managers, and real estate investors to really understand the issues still plaguing the world of rent. Now, we are addressing the online, tenant community in pursuit of answers to further benefit the ways we are able to assist in Simplifying Rent.

Please take a minute or two to drop us a message on what you think our rental software should specifically have for tenants to make the rental process a lot easier for you. Click HERE and let your voice be heard!.

It’s quick and simple; we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We hope that one day you will never have a work order unanswered, never will you be overcharged for your rent or be assessed a late fee, never will you be unclear on why a water bill is abnormally high. No more dropping checks off to an office or mailbox, and no more paying your room mate’s rent because you must submit only one check, waiting days for reimbursement. Forget those things – if your landlord has been spectacular during your lease, let others know by leaving a review. Speaking of others – stay in contact with your community incase you are looking for a room mate or trying to sell that piece of furniture that just “isn’t you” anymore. Running low on cash? Rental software allows you to pay rent with a credit card.

Landlords, we certainly have not forgotten you, but tenants drive the world of rent, so we are starting with them. Believe us, it is in your best interest to prudently cater to tenant needs first. Let’s let them tell us what they think will help, no longer speaking for them.

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By Tony Salloum