TWiRP- Feb 14, 2015

With all of this talk about trending rent increases leading to the rent-affordability crisis, as coined by Zillow, we discover a new and interesting solution that provides smaller, but more affordable rental housing to lower income tenants living in the city. We also take a look at renters insurance, and what burning questions most landlords and tenants have. Forbes takes a closer look at where millennials are setting up shop and, as a result, where the best markets to rent to these millennials are. In addition to these interesting topics, This Week in Rental Property also takes a closer look at the Los Angeles rental market where there is a dilemma between the company Airbnb and the government.


  • Good magazine, in their article on how small homes make better cities, influence the reader to think about how city life is changing. Could these new small rental units change the market? Are purchasing small units to accommodate people with less income something that could be a profitable venture for landlords and property managers?:

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