TWiRP – October 15, 2016

How Grandma can help the housing crunch

If your community’s zoning keeps people from carving little apartments out of existing homes, it doesn’t just add to some abstract housing shortage. It also oppresses Grandma — and lots of other would-be renters.

Accessory apartments aren’t some fad that arose last week at a new-urbanism conference. They’re part of a long tradition of modest apartments and multigenerational homes that predate the post-World War II boom in single-family suburban homes.

What Is a Multifamily Home? A Budget-Friendly Way to Own, Rent, or Invest in Real Estate

What is a multifamily home? It’s a building with more than one unit where people can live, each with their own separate kitchens, living rooms, electric bills, and so forth.

Buying a multifamily home to rent out (or where you live in one unit and rent out the rest) is a smart financial strategy — today more than ever. The reason: single family homeownership is decreasing, recently dipping below the 66.6% historical average.

A Morningstar Update: Real Estate

    • Morningstar’s real estate coverage is trading at a 3% premium to our fair value estimates.
    • In the U.S., our preferred property sector remains healthcare: HCP, Welltower, and Ventas.
    • We continue to view themes in commercial real estate as generally defensive in nature. REITs have been focused on repositioning and strengthening their portfolios, deleveraging, and capital recycling. Construction of new property continues, however, as firms look for higher returns, putting into question levels of new supply as economic uncertainty remains.

What’s The Secret To A Successful Property Management Selection?

Experience is one of the most important factors when selecting a property manager, particularly experience that is asset-type and market specific, Cushman & Wakefield SVP and IREM president-elect Mike Lanning tells They spoke exclusively with Lanning about some of the less-obvious reasons to choose one particular property-management firm over another, the role of leadership in property management and how property management fits into an owner’s overall strategy.

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