We want everyone to be able to store whatever it is they need within their RentPost account for later reference and good house-keeping.  So, effective today, we’ve doubled the amount of storage on all plans.  When logging into your RentPost account, you should now notice more available storage, right away.  So, get to uploading!

In similar update news, we’ve been extremely busy on our backend systems as of late.  We’ve overhauled a lot components that will be leading to many exciting new features coming soon.  One performance improvement that you may have already noticed comes with the login process.  We’ve decreased the login times considerably.  In most cases, login times were decreased by about 5-10x.  For some of our larger accounts, this is likely a very noticeable change.  We certainly hope it helps.

Additionally, we’ve pushed out a new session timeout process.  If your session expires now, while logged into your account, you’ll see a modal box asking for your login credentials to get logged back in.  This process makes it much more smooth, allowing you to get back to what you were doing, much faster.

More goodness to come – speak again soon!

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Jacob Thomason is a co-founder and CEO at RentPost. He loves extreme sports, traveling, working out, and can’t say no to a good cheeseburger.


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