Tenant Lease Balance Terminology

We’ve recently pushed out a series of updates around balances within the RentPost system.  These updates have included a lot of core changes that enable us to provide faster load times and increased accuracy of balances across the various pages and portals.

Over the next few months you’ll start to see more balance related terminology used within RentPost.  Already visible on your Units & Tenants tab, you’ll likely see “Bill” next to various units/tenants.  This is short for “Billed”, or a billed balance – meaning a balance of charges that have been billed.

Currently the system has billed, due, as well as late balances.  RentPost will always display the most pertinent/urgent balance; late, then due, followed by billed and future balances.  Future balances will calculate and display what’s to be billed out in the future.  We plan to continue to push more functionality and clarity around balances within RentPost to provide an even better picture of exactly what’s going on with your tenants at a glance.  The goal is to be able to look at a number and instantly get an idea of where that tenant stands without the need to pull up a ledger and review transactions.

billed balances due balances

As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to reach out to us!

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