Going Pro with 6.0

Last week we released version 6.0, one of the largest and most significant updates to the RentPost platform – ever! There is a lot in this release, so grab a coffee and let’s dig in!

But first, a little bit of backstory – RentPost launched in 2011. The homepage you’ve come to know, has been a version of our original homepage. The majority of our focus has been on the RentPost application, always finding ways to improve it – many you which you never see visually. A new homepage has been a long time coming, and here it is!

New Homepage & Branding

We think it’s beautiful, our design team and frontend engineering poured a lot of work into it. We hope you love it as well and certainly encourage you to explore. Let us know your thoughts!

RentPost Logo

Payshift Logo

Payshift, our payments platform, even received a branding refresh…

The new homepage and branding isn’t everything for this release though, there is much more!

Pro Subscriptions

Your monthly RentPost plan billing is now referred to as your “Pro” subscription. As a Pro subscriber, you receive full access to all of RentPost’s features. As I’m sure you’re wondering… what does this mean for what you’re paying? Yes, it’s true, pricing is changing – inflation, yada-yada. RentPost hasn’t changed our pricing since 2016, 8 years! The good news is that, for most clients, your pricing will remain relatively the same! Let’s discuss…

We’ve always been a fan of simplicity. It’s one of our central tenents at RentPost and underlies virtually all decisions we make. The new Pro subscription is no different!

$29.00 + $1/unit per month

That’s it! There are no other fees, no tricks, no gotchas. Every feature RentPost offers is included, and everything is unlimited (document storage, owner accounts, manager seats) – none of this pricing complexity mess. No one wants to deal with that garbage.

Now, some clients will see their monthly subscription decrease, while some will see it increase, but overall it’ll remain relatively the same. For companies with more than 1k units, we do offer volume pricing, so if you haven’t already done so, contact us to discuss.

New billing for your Pro subscription will begin on your next billing cycle.

Account Management

At the heart of every application is the user account. RentPost’s account management is significantly more advanced than most applications, as we also have roles. So, a single user can have multiple roles; whether that’s multiple manager roles for different management companies, or multiple tenant roles for properties you’re renting, and owners, vendors and more.

We’ve built an entirely new account management app to help you better manage your user account with RentPost. You can access the account app using the “Manage your Account” button on the new user menu, or by navigating to it directly at https://account.rentpost.com.


The first thing you’ll notice is the new sign-in screen and role selection (if you have more than one role associated with your user account).

Two-factor Authentication

We now support two-factor authentication (2fa) with SMS and Whatsapp delivery endpoints. If you aren’t already familiar with 2fa, we highly encourage you to watch this video. 2fa offers an additional layer of security for your account.

RentPost takes security very seriously. At the moment, 2fa will be optional. However, we encourage all users to enable it on their account for better piece of mind. We will be offering some additional Pro features soon, which will require 2fa to be enabled.


Speaking of security, we’re now providing you with industry leading insights into your account access. You’re now able to monitor all activity that happens under your user account, and even revoke any access from a device that’s signed in!

Custom Avatars

When managing multiple roles, it’s nice to be able to more easily identify them. Each role has it’s own avatar. You can upload your own, or choose from one of our randomly generated ones. Additionally, when avatars are used with profiles for other users, your avatar will accompany your profile. Add a little personality, or professionalism through your interactions – we’re all more than a name or number in a database.

Merging Accounts

If you have more than one user account that you’re using, we highly encourage you to use our merge feature to merge both accounts together, and take advantage of all the benefits of having a single multi-role user account. You’ll find the experience to be far superior, easier to manage, and all additional features and functionality will be focused around this assumption.

You can access the merge process from within your account, on the account tab, or directly here.

API Integrations

This really deserves a post of it’s own. And it will have one very soon, as we’ve already completed additional integration support for thousands of extra apps. This will be available in version 6.1 following this release.

That said, version 6.0 includes support for custom API integrations using our GraphQL API! That’s right, add your integration, generate API keys and start integrating RentPost directly into your business processes.

For more details on creating your own custom API integration with your RentPost account, please check out our support article.

Pro App

RentPost’s management application is now effectively known as our Pro app. Your Pro subscription, tied to your management account, gives you full access to this application for your company. The Pro app has also received many updates for 6.0. And we have some other, even larger updates, in the pipeline already.

International Phone Number Support

Up to date, we’ve had limited international phone number support. Version 6.0 brings comprehensive international support for phone numbers.

You can now confidently add any international phone number and it’ll be represented as such. Your company’s country, specified in your address, will be used as the default for formatting.

Percentage Late Fees

Late fee schedules now support percentage based calculations. In addition to percentage based calculation schedules, the late fee system received an overhaul that will result in improved calculations for returned payments and backdated recurring calculations.

Overall, the late fee system has been improved substantially. We expect that assessments will be more predictable, as well as more flexible with any edits. As always, your continued feedback helps us improve.

Document Sharing

Another much requested feature made its way into this release. With document sharing, any of your documents you’ve uploaded and associated with a tenant or owner, can be shared. After sharing, they can be accessed by that user within their RentPost account.

Closing Brief

We’re incredibly excited to present this release. It’s been a long time in the works, and includes a lot of cross-system inner-connects. The work that went into expanding these inner-connects, was substantial and underpins our future architectural objectives. RentPost’s public GraphQL API, integrations architecture and improved role based authentication, underpins a large part of our future systems architecture. We’re grateful for the extensive effort that has gone into laying this foundation. And, we look forward to the monumental improvements we’ll be able to deliver over the coming years.

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