TWiRP- Apr 3, 2015

This week in rental property we revisit the property scramble in Cuba. Some things to keep in mind when considering investing in this market are included in our first link. Cuba’s not the only geographic area with a property scramble. See more on the situation in Illinois below in link 2. Liability. It is a word that all landlords dread. Ever wonder what exactly you are liable for, or how you are protected in the states that you are doing business in? You can find these answers from The Intelligencer in our third link. “To rent or not?” The name of our fourth article inquires about housing trends. Finally, we see a response from a property manager to the deteriorating low-income rental situation in Seattle.


  • How are housing trends changing? Where will the renter’s continue to rent? Questions for buy and hold investors in the rental market to think about:


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