Rental Accounting

Property Management Accounting Software

Full trust accounting is at the core. With multiple ownership entities and property level reporting, AR/AP, suspense accounts and more!

Trust Accounting

At the core, RentPost is trust accounting software. Whether you're a single owner, or a professional management company with hundreds of owners - each of your owner accounts maintain their own trust balance.

Full double entry ledgers

Add owner contributions

Make distributions as needed

Set owner trust balance minimums

Accounts Receivable

This is the name of the game. Receivables make up a large part of the RentPost accounting system.

Automatic monthly assessments for rent charges

One click manual payment recording

Add custom charges as needed

Track aged receivables, assess late fees and get 30/60/90 reports

Accounts Payable

Keep track of your bills to be paid with a dynamic accounts payable module, supporting on-the-fly filtering, quick access editing, associated vendor profiles, exporting options and more. Staying on top of your bills has never been easier!

Granular General Ledgers

Having ledgers available across your various entities is hugely helpful in diagnosing any accounting concerns. That's why RentPost bakes these into every profile, directly - accessible from every page, even reports.

Customize Your Chart of Accounts

Available for both, a set of "management" books, and your "trust" books - setup your chart of accounts with custom numbers, names, groupings and more. You can even decide which receivable accounts are applicable for automated late fee assessments.

Flexibility and Automation

Since 2011 we've been working with property managers to ensure RentPost's accounting is not only automating manual tasks, but offering the flexibility to accommodate even rather obscure needs - all without over-complicating things.

Just a few of the many examples...

Assess Late Fees Automatically

Setup custom late fee schedules and sit back while the system adds charges and sends tenant notifications.

Bill Tenants for Custom Charges

RentPost isn't just for rent collection. Bill tenants for anything:  utilities, trash fees, laundry - whatever.

Issue Credits

Also known as a concession - ensure your ledgers are truly accurate with proper accounting entries.

Collect Taxes and Surcharge Fees

Taxes and surcharges are calculated at the time of payment, and aren't, therefore, receivables. Setup custom calculations and charge tenants at the time of payment.

Hear what our customers have to say

Founded in 2009, thousands of property managers have entrusted RentPost to simplify their lives.

I feel so much more in control now. I wish I had found rentpost sooner.
Lisa McWorther
Landcome Rentals
I feel so much more in control now. I wish I had found rentpost sooner.
Lisa McWorther
Landcome Rentals
You guys rock!
Matthew Tortoriello
Yellow Brick Property
Wow am I glad I found you guys, love the way everything works!
Thomas Grady
South Hampton Properties
Thanks - you guys are amazingly responsive... that is worth it's weight in gold.
CJ Williams
RedDoor Property Group, LLC
The software is so user friendly and easy to use, I love it!
Kelly Garber
GJC Real Estate Group
Everything we want from a receivables management standpoint is perfect!
Charles Michaux
Cedar Creek Mobile Home Park
I can manage pre-leases while new housing options are still in the development stage.
Chase Lawrence
CollegeTown Properties
RentPost combined the transparency my tenants and I need with a well-organized interface.
David Black
Onyx Property Management
After migrating to RentPost, the hours we spent collecting rent took a nosedive.
Jim Flannery
Four Athens

Flexible Payment Options

RentPost supports manually recoded payments, in addition to Payshift payments, our online payments platform. Use them together to allow online payments from tenants, or manually recorded payments from other sources.

Online Payshift

Payshift, our payments platform, allows you to collect ACH (bank) and credit card payments from your tenants online. Learn more...

Tenants pay $1.50 for ACH (bank) payments or 2.99% for credit cards

Manual Payments

Regardless of the payment source, you can always record payments in RentPost. We support a wide number of payment types for categorization, reference numbers and more.

Add as many bank accounts as needed

Whether you have just one operating and escrow account, or separate accounts per property, RentPost has you covered.  Add as many accounts as you need - enable them for Payshift, or just keep them disconnected and used for accounting records.